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Astral Projection / Dreaming / Lucid Dreaming

It's my opinion that astral projection, dreaming and lucid dreaming are intertwined in the same locale.

Subtle Realm Creatures

A reader just asked me if I've ever seen dragons, mermaids, faeries, unicorns or other fantasy creatures, and if so, what were they like.



The word Poltergeist originates from the German words poltern, ‘to knock', and geist, ‘spirit'. Basically, it's an entity that can produce physical and auditory disturbances in a person's environment.

What Happens After We Die?

What happens when we die is as varied as what happens when we live.


Astral Projections and Reality

I get many e-mails asking me if projections are real or if lucid dreams are a form of projection.


What are the real concerns with cloning?


Can Astral Projection Lead to Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is to be, as Buddha put it, "Awake." But what does this mean? To be awake means to be aware of the illusions around you.

Thought Control

Thoughts are real energy.


Analysis of The Mothman Prophesies

I'm making observations on the Mothman Prophesies because in one of my astral travels, I felt/heard a tremendous vibration associated with a natural disaster.


Where does memory exist? How come we cannot easily retrieve past life memories?


Astral Dreams

We assume that because dreams don't make sense that they are dreams and not astral experiences. I believe however that all dreams make sense, it's just that we don't understand them.

Etheric Junk

We clean our houses, cars and selves, but there is a different mess we've created that we're blithely unaware of.


What Is and Isn't Astral Projection?

Astral projection is simply a tool. How that tool is wielded depends on the user.

Is the Government Aware of Astral Projection?

Astral projection is a close cousin of remote viewing with some notable distinctions.


Physical Ailments and Astral Projection

I sometimes get the occasional mail from readers that suffer from some form of physical ailment such as poor vision or a walking problem.

Mindlessness and the Art of Mental Projection

Mental projection is a form of conscious mental travel.


Our Programmed Failure at Astral Projection

I just wanted to point out another reason why astral projection, our natural birthright, is so hard.

Are Ouija Boards Real?

I've been asked several times if Ouija boards are real, and if so, what can one expect from their use.


A Place of Restoration

Another role of the subtle planes is to restore our soul's balance and harmony.

Astral Projection: to prove, or not to prove?

Astral projection eludes the attention of mainstream science because it is not easily duplicated in a controlled environment such as a lab.


A Trip to the Moon

From the earliest times of my astral projection investigations, I wanted to make one of my destinations the moon.

Astral Projection VS Remote Viewing

My site covers both astral projection and remote viewing. So what is the difference? And which should you pursue?


What is The Astral Plane?

Heaven and hell are really just the astral plane, separated by vibrational frequencies.

What has projection done for me?

Here are some of the things astral projection has done for me.


Loose Versus a Tight Hold on the Astral Body

The reason that some people have an easier time astral projecting is that their magnetic hold is looser on their astral body.

Make Me Believe!

But how do I know it's real? And why should you believe as well?


Does Astral Projecting Get Easier With Each Attempt?

If the hold over the physical body is loosened with each attempt, the margin is miniscule!

Cryonics: Can the Astral and Physical Body be Frozen and Brought Back to Life

It was recently asked of me if a body could be frozen (cryonics) and then brought back to life and what would be the repercussions on the astral form.


Why Is Astral Projection So Hard?

If you're wondering why Astral Projection is so hard, you are not alone.

The Third Eye

Our third eye is one of the seven primary chakras (brow chakra) and is located between your eyebrows, but slightly raised (mid forehead).


Black Holes and the "Astralnaut"

If we try and travel to a black hole in the astral, it will not be the black hole that we see, but the astral counterpart (as that's what you see in the astral... astral counterparts to physical objects).

My Favorite Astral Projection Technique

Astral projection is challenging (to put it mildly) but I think that if we review some universal truths about it we can draw some interesting conclusions (which also led to the formation of my favorite technique.)


Is this against my religion?

It is my belief that astral projection is not against spiritual attainment, but in fact, directly related to achieving a higher state of consciousness.

What is a Guide?

A guide is simply a soul that assists us in finding the way to a higher consciousness.


Protection on the Astral Planes

People who are inexperienced about Astral Projection tend to have many fears about it. This is normal.


I was recently told by a spiritual master that, "it's all about vibrations." I have been thinking about that statement for several months now.


Exteriorization Technique

This technique involves creating an astral double, or vehicle, and then transferring your consciousness to this vehicle.

What is the purpose of astral projection?

Here are some stories that help define the purpose of astral projection (these are two of my favorites).


Dream Journal

I recommend keeping a dream journal.

Radio Waves

When I first heard music and voices while astral projecting, and within cord range activity (0-10 feet of my body) I thought I was perhaps reaching into the higher planes of the astral. I was wrong. What I was detecting was radio waves.



It's commonly asked of me if possession is possible, or it's stated to me that they are personally warned by others against practicing astral projection for this reason.

Taking Friends Along

Taking friends along, or meeting up with loved ones is possible, however, there are some challenges involved.


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