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Etheric Junk

Just wanted to post a comment about etheric junk. We clean our houses, cars and selves, but there is a different mess we've created that we're blithely unaware of. This "junk" is etheric junk.

Mass created by thought energy is multi-directional. Our higher self can manifest something we need to learn or experience in the physical just as our lower self can manifest something which can be seen in the subtle planes. This is why if you want to create something in your physical life, you manifest it first in the subtle realms.

As anyone who projects knows, form follows thought. When you think of something, especially something emotionally charged, it manifests for a period in the etheric/astral. This "energy" takes shape and the more we put energy into it (feed it) the longer it survives. If large quantities of people are emotionally charged about something (the Y2K disaster for example or a popular movie) then it will remain in the etheric for quite awhile and seem quite solid, hence all the false prophesies. Psychics are not seeing an actual event unfold, but the holograph of fear of so many people.

Some of the junk present in our surroundings, such as TV and radio waves, are not controllable by us (unless we want to start putting up copper lining in our house.) The stuff we do have control over is what we read, watch, and emotionally process such as books, games and relationships. Depending on how and what we process means our surrounding will be filled with material for nightmares or bliss. I am sure this is why monasteries are often secluded and unsavory mental material isn't allowed. They need a "clean" environment in order to communicate more effectively with the higher self.

How do I know this? All I have to do is spend the night at someone's house and when I enter theta I can start to hear all the debris floating around. The PlayStation/X-Box violence; the characters from horror movies coming to life; the strife or harmony of a family. Not surprisingly, the children in these homes have nightmares from all that they "see" during sleep.

Ever wonder why some places lift you up and some places bring you down-- same with people for that matter? Even people who aren't aware of energies will make comments that a house (or person) has "uplifting or draining energy." It is no surprise to me that when people leave their body they are greeted with such a bewildering array of chaos and demons.

Cleaning house on a subtle level isn't something we generally think of, but maybe we should.

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