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Astral Astronaut Article And My Dream Part I


So first of all let me just say that I made this account because of that article; It's trippy how that article described my experience. Secondly I am a bit sensitive and have had my fair share of experiences and I have an out there view on what I think is what the world is. Also I like science but alas I'm like a dumb when it comes to numbers.

So early last year 2022 I was doing a lot of lucid dreaming and remembering I wanted to go to space because I did have a moon dream once when I was young and wanted to dream more of the cosmos because I love space and like that article said I could just teleport to the moon via some wooden out house but I've never seen anywhere else with the naked eye. So for a month maybe I was in my dreams building transport and spaceships and the like and as I went out to space I was getting attracted to this big black marble like sphere and I was alone and scared.

About maybe 2-3 times I chickened out but I eventually plucked up the courage to go in. As I entered the black sphere it was the size of me not the big overwhelming planet that I first saw and rippled as I touched it. Immediately entering, the entrance became up and the further down inside was the bottom. It first looked like a bottomless black ocean made of an empty black room with the space filled with such a light substance that I had to swim to the bottom but it wasn't fully pitch black, the entrance that I came in was shining light down it but didn't reach the bottom but I did... Part ii

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