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Is the Government Aware of Astral Projection?

For me to make any further statements, I must digress a bit. Astral projection is a close cousin of remote viewing with some notable distinctions. With remote viewing, you don't have to put the body asleep, but instead enter an altered state of consciousness (sometimes even just a slight one). When you bi-locate (or as Ingo Swann states "the immediate transfer of perceptions") during a viewing, you are very near the earth level vibrationally, and yet are not seen by the naked eye. Unlike the lower planes of the astral which can be fuzzy and surreal, it is no different than being fully awake (the intelligence gathering benefits to this are obvious). The better remote viewers (rare people indeed) can actually interact with their environment, meaning they can talk to beings on that plane (aliens included), swim in lakes, smell food, and hear everything-- and best of all-- they can transcend time. I've been a lazy remote viewer myself, but when I bi-located I was quite shocked at what it was like. I was THERE. It was totally clear, totally lucid. In fact, when you bi-locate you temporarily lose awareness of your physical self as your consciousness is mostly elsewhere (although split consciousness can also occur). I've always wanted to travel and when I saw Stonehenge in real time, real awareness, I was hooked (by the way, the target was unknown to me. I was given a random 4 digit number by my RV instructor). Anyway, you're getting the picture on how valuable "clear, veiled, and time independent" awareness is.

Now, if you've done some research on remote viewing you'll eventually come across figures like Ingo Swann, Ed Dames (ex-military), and Gerald O'Donnell, to mention a few. Why are these people important to this assumption that the government knows about out of body travels? Ingo Swann boggled many minds, and especially some within the intelligence community. His history is long but he spent several decades researching and utilizing remote viewing with Dr. Hal Puthoff of Stanford Research Institute and Research physicist Russell Targ. Their work resulted in funds from the CIA that supported them (in secret) during the Cold War. During this time the government's support for the growing RV program moved from the CIA to the Defense Intelligence Agency, as well as certain other military organizations. The Army also conducted their own remote viewing for possible intelligence against foreign adversaries. All this later came out through SRI and the CIA after it was declassified in 1995 when Congress moved responsibility from the DIA back to the CIA which was seen as the "fall" of RV within the government).

Sections of the government and other sectors are fully aware of these potentials. To me, it's not a matter of if they are aware (since they themselves admitted so), but if they are really doing anything about it now. With the Cold War over, possibly not, but since when did intelligence gathering become a dead dog? I think with the latest terrorist events the resurgence of "spying" is a given.

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