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My Favorite Astral Projection Technique

Astral projection is challenging (to put it mildly) but I think that if we review some universal truths about it we can draw some interesting conclusions (which also led to the formation of my favorite technique.)

The first universal law for astral projection is relaxation. Not just relaxation, as in what is accomplished through an hour of meditation, but complete and total relaxation! According to monitored readings of the body during both sleep and astral projection, the body is more relaxed during an OBE than sleep!

People who report spontaneous projections are so tired, so relaxed, that they "pop out" or simply just notice that they are no longer in their body. Let's review those situations where either a spontaneous projection happens, or is attained more easily:

  1. People coming home from a hard day's work and crash on the couch for a nap. This is usually physical exhaustion, not mental.
  2. Sick people who have stayed in bed for days and are "delirious". Sylvan Muldoon was bed ridden for years, William Buhlman talked about the drastic increase in OBE activity when he was very ill and bed ridden.
  3. People who have had nitrous oxide (laughing gas) at the dentist report spontaneous out of body experiences. In fact I know of a dental assistant who specifically uses nitrous oxide on herself to induce OBE's (I do not recommend this!) Why does this work? Because nitrous oxide produces a partial loss of the awarenes of your surroundings and causes deep relaxation. The only spontaneous projection that my husband ever had was while he was on nitrous oxide at the dentist (and thought he had died because he was bobbing on the ceiling and could see his body perfectly.)
  4. Robert Monroe had to have several sleep cycles before projecting probably for the same reasons as the rest of us. It takes hours to unwind from a stressful job, traffic, and life.

From these clues we can draw our summary. To OBE we need to relax to such a degree that the body is immobile. Forget your evening attempts because even if you are tired and feel relaxed, you'll just fall asleep. Or the stress of the day will not allow you to relax to the degree you need.

This leads to my favorite technique, which probably won't fit a lot of lifestyles, but here it is! There is a condition that the body enters when a person gets too much sleep. People complain right and left when they get too much sleep that they "just couldn't get up because they slept too much." Or that they made a mistake because they slept in too long and now they are more tired than when they started. Ok, it's this very feeling you want! The next weekend that you can sleep in, turn off your phone, get rid of all distractions like beepers, cell phones and pets and just plan on sleeping in! Here's how it works. All of our bodies have a natural alarm clock. When it goes off on the weekend, get up to take care of any issues (like if you are slightly hungry, have to go to the bathroom or need to take aspirin because your neck is tweaked). Then, go back to bed asap! Also, only get up to take care of needs if you have to! The less alert you are, the better. It will probably take you an hour to fall back asleep because your body is not expecting this cycle. Don't worry at this point about clearing your mind, or anything like that, just let your thoughts run wild and enter into sleep. Pretty soon when you try and wake up the second time (or the third) you will find yourself totally SLUGGISH! You'll be slipping into a delirium and your muscles have gone to mush. NOW is the time to deepen that state. You would think that that would mean thinking about "how to get deeper" but this is not true. To go deeper means to think of nothing (totally quiet the mind) and slow your breathing even more. Sink into your sleep, let yourself remain mushy and then, ever so gently, focus on your third eye. Just last weekend I was doing this and I went catatonic and started having lucid dreams (of which you can also project from). When I won the daily it was because I didn't have to get up (it was snowing and I couldn't get out of my driveway) so I took that opportunity to over-sleep and I had 5 projections that day! Of course, if you have children, pets, noisy neighbors, busy plans for that day, it's not going to be conducive for you, but still, it's a good technique and some people have control over their weekend schedules.

Weekends are a favorite time for other projectors as well. Robert Peterson states in his book "Out of Body Experiences", page 218, that, "I've had OBEs on every day of the week, but I've had many more OBEs on Saturdays and Sundays. That is because I have the time to practice then. On the weekend, I can stay in bed late and induce OBEs once my body is fully rested and relaxed."

Here are some responses that I received from several readers who used this technique and had success.


The real reason I am writing to you is to tell you my first experience with astral projection that happened this past weekend and which I greatly contribute to your valuable advice and information. As I said I have been reading your site a lot (saturating my subconscious with it) and I had the feeling that I am more open to the experience than I was before. What happened Saturday morning was almost exactly how you described it would happen. I had the chance to sleep in and as I was in this half asleep state I started to concentrate on my third eye and was thinking that maybe astral projection will happen to me now. The next thing I felt was this incredible vibration in my whole body (that you have described) which was unmistakable as I have never felt anything like this before. I became aware that I was in a different dimension and following your advice I started uplifting my astral arms / legs. As I tried to sit up I felt that my head was the most difficult part to deteach indeed. I was just enjoying this new state for some time when unfortunately my boyfriend sleeping next to me started moving around (he is actually one of those people who needs a lot of attention anyway) This kind of distracted me and I decided to go back to my body. So the whole experience didn't last too long, but I was very much excited about it anyway, because it showed me that I was capable of doing it. I am looking forward to the next chance I will have to try it again and hope it will last longer. I still feel that I will have to overcome my fear of this unknown experience, but I think I am on the right track to develop.


F. Drake

Hello, I just thought you might like to know, I've been astral projecting for years with a very low success rate, one out 100 tries or so, how ever I bumped into your page and following your tips I've increased my success rate a lot. The one on the too much sleep mode was very helpfull.

F. Drake


I tried doing what you said, about how the best time to project out of your body is when your waking up in the morning. Let me tell you what happened: I was waking up and I remembered to try in the mornings since I was half asleep, and I was. Then I kept my eyes closed and since there was already silence, it was easy to concentrate. I let my body relax and I felt really loose and my body got a little numb, my legs first then it went upward. All of a sudden I felt my arm start to float and I didn't open my eyes to see because I thought it didn't work. I got so scared that I jumped out of bed and I was wide awake, and I guess I snapped out of it. Was it working, and did I screw it up, or did I do something wrong? I just am a little worried about returning to my body, how do I do that? Can you just say "bring me back to my body? Thank you for taking the time to read this and write back.


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