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Loose Versus a Tight Hold on the Astral Body

The reason that some people have an easier time astral projecting is that their magnetic hold is looser on their astral body. Loose holds are the exception, not the norm.

The fortunate few can induce the vibrations during meditation only (versus "Focus 10" where the body is completely asleep and the yet the mind remains awake). And even fewer still can project from the alpha state of consciousness (light relaxation).

If you have a naturally loose hold, then you will be able to lie down, breathe deeply, relax for about 15-20 minutes, and then start to feel your astral arms or legs lift (generally accompanied with the vibrations). Everyone else will feel the sensation of either being numb or a light tingling, and that is it.

Interestingly enough, loose holds seem to be hereditary which makes me think that it's the physical body that holds the astral, vs. the astral clinging to the physical (an astral form cannot carry human genes for it has no role in reproduction). It is quite common that I receive e-mails from people stating that they can easily project, and then later find out that their parents could project as well.

I do not know what causes tight vs. loose holds, but it would be interesting to do a study on these individuals to find out what they each have in common, if anything (gender, race, culture, body type, and perhaps even blood types).

If you have a loose hold, consider yourself very lucky!!!

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