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Experience While Meditating On A Mandala


I was laying down on my couch and watching a video of a mandala while meditating, all at once I was in a place where I was a torus field that was made of every color imaginable. I had no sense of my body or this reality. There was a vibration so intense that I had to pull away from it, I felt like I was being given all this knowledge, it's so hard to explain in words what I experienced. All at once I was back in my body. The base of my skull was vibrating so strong that I could not hear, I was totally freaked out, my heart was racing I thought I had been abducted or had died and came back to life. I immediately got up and went a got my mother and I told her what happened. I had this thought that there is no such thing as death and that time was a human ego structure and that we only live in the now. This experience changed my entire life and put me on a journey to find out what I went through. I started studying Enlightenment, and came to think I had a sudden enlightenment experience. I never have experienced anything like this in my life, I feel as though I was given a knowledge that I can't quite understand. Can anyone help me understand what I experienced. Thank you so much for your help. I am 43, this happened to me a year ago. I was going through a very rough time in my life, I felt suicidal, after this experience I had a calm come over me that made me realize that we are all one consciousness and that there is a reality that we can not see with our human eyes. That we are a higher consciousness and that our human body is but a parasite attached to our higher consciousness.

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Bear1977 (1 stories) (2 posts)
3 years ago (2020-07-14)
I crave to experience what I experienced. I felt as though I met the Source of everything. Studying quantum physics, I found that everything is a vibration, and that there is more space in our molecular structure than there is matter. I was having a existential crisis the night I sat down to meditate. Worrying about how I had wasted 42 years of my life, being addicted to drugs and alcohol. All I wanted was peace. That experience, brought a peace into me, that I have never known. So unexpected and so needed. I read the book
" The Power of Now " and it had so many answers that related to me. It was as though it had been written for me. Nothing I have ever experienced in this world, has ever compared to what I experienced. It has been over a year now since my experience. I know that no one will ever know what my experience in my head is like, but that won't stop me from asking. Thank you again for your service ❤️
Bear1977 (1 stories) (2 posts)
3 years ago (2020-07-13)
Thank you for your help in my question. Very nice of you, to reply to my post. ❤
AnneV (79 posts) mod
3 years ago (2020-07-06)
I think you said it well when you said you had a sudden enlightenment experience. You were gifted in a few moments what it takes many, if not most people, a lifetime or more to come to the same conclusion; we are one, our body is but a host so that we may experience lessons in the physical framework and that time is but an illusion.

The vibrations are also tied to astral projection. When I project, the vibrations are so tremendous that it often either shocks me back into my body or I think we're having an 8.0 earthquake. It takes the actual experience to know what this is really like and now you do. People ask me if a tingling is the vibration and I clearly tell them 'no' it's not. As you found out, there is no mistaking these vibrations for a real transfer of consciousness from one plane to another.

I'm glad this experience helped you out of a difficult time. And to think that things in general now are even more tumultuous.

Thanks so much for sharing.


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