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What is a Guide?

A guide is simply a soul that assists us in finding the way to a higher consciousness. A guide does not judge, nor condemn, just simply reveals a truth. When my guide told me about the seven cycles of life and which ones I was in, it was neither positive nor negative, just a statement of fact.

Guides come in many forms; a soul that does not inhabit a body, your higher self, or a living friend. When one leaves the body, a guide may be in the room, but they will not approach you until you request them to. Many people make statements that they "sense" a presence when they leave their body, but don't necessarily see anything. The guide may be of a vibration that is too high for you to see, even with astral eyes.

If you feel that you are ready, ask to meet your guide before you go to sleep, and you may see or feel them while you are dreaming. A dream is a much gentler introduction than when you are just learning to astral project and see a "stranger" in your room!

A guide is not a person or entity that makes you frightened or uncomfortable. If you feel threatened by a presence, then this is probably not your guide. However, don't be surprised if you ask for help from your guide in leaving your body, and then notice that a hand is attempting to pull you out! If you ask, they will, in some fashion, reveal themselves, so try and not be frightened if they indeed help you in your request.

We must not, however, get caught up in our quest for guides. Many of us seek guides, and usually ones that are external to ourselves. Many of us think that we are not "wise" enough or advanced well enough along in our spiritual path to be a guide. However, I feel that the inner guide or higher self is no less perfect than guides with exalted backgrounds and fancy names. When I attended my clinical hypnotherapy seminar a few weeks back they talked about "prestige" being the number one suggestion to a client. The same thing with guides. It's very impressive to say that you are being guided by some magnificent being other than yourself, but you ARE being guided at all times by some magnificent being... YOU!

Guides do exist and can be helpful in our growth, but as was recently pointed out on my Forum, we should be reluctant to put our lives in someone else's hands. Some people even go so far as to trust indiscriminately what their guide tells them, even if it goes against their own judgment.

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