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Astral Projection Experiences From My Journal


I've known from an early age that we are far more than our physical bodies. Leaving my body at night with full consciousness was almost as common as eating lunch or riding my BMX bike around the neighborhood. I naturally assumed everyone did this (consciously) at night time so I was pretty perplexed when I was talking about one of my adventures when my friends looked at me like I was from another planet (well that's a story for another time, lol)!

Through the years I've kept a journal of some of my OBE/Astral experiences and I thought I would share a brief synopsis of a few. I will gladly respond to any questions anyone may have. These are purposely truncated, short and sweet for ease of reading. Too much detail and I would bore myself!

1/25/05 6:00AM

Felt the vibrations, left my body, walked into our bathroom and tried playing with the faucets. Noticed someone by the bathroom door, I willed it away with strong intentions and shot up to space with incredible speed, stars, brilliant colors and galaxies flying past me in a kaleidoscope-like fashion. I then said "I want to go to Area-51!" Suddenly I was in this giant building with various UFOs moving around slowly. There was a voice coming from somewhere talking about a specific UFO incident (Roswell?) pertaining to how people have heard about it is not how it happened. Soon after, phased back to my physical body.

12/27/06 7:00AM

Floated out of my body fully conscious. Reached out and placed my hand on the foot railing of the bed, felt cold as I would expect. Walked through our closed bedroom door (I love doing that!) and moved into my daughter's bedroom (1 year old then)...Saw her looking at me, not sure if it was her physical or astral form. As I usually do I found myself in space surrounded by stars... I found myself behind a comet with a giant tail made of light. I put my hand out to touch it, a very tingly feeling, not totally unpleasant but sensed I shouldn't be touching it. Earth was below me, VERY vivid Ultra/4K-like. About the size of a grapefruit held at arms length. God we live on such a beautiful planet. We need to take better care of her! I then asked if there was something or some place my guides wanted me to see. I suddenly felt a sound or feeling of pressure/vibration exponentially increasing... Then a BRIGHT LIGHT from above swiftly coming toward me... Not sure what was happening I panicked and the fear slapped me unceremoniously back into my body in my bed. Quite upset as I later surmised that was likely THE LIGHT and would have been my chance to experience what so many NDE'rs experience on their return to HOME.

1/16/07 6:00AM

Projected out of body, floated through guest bedroom window out to the end of our driveway. Suddenly a somewhat familiar girl was by my side. She said "It's nice having a friend from Planet Earth." I asked her where she was from but before she could respond I was back in my body. Tried to project and eventually got out again but she was gone. I looked up and saw the familiar stars awaiting my command to ascend to them... Astral vision was CRYSTAL CLEAR (*WOW!* I wrote in the journal, my vision isn't always crystal clear when I project so when it is I am always thrilled). Surrounded by incredibly beautiful planets, moons, stars, gorgeous textures! I then switched my focus to see an advanced ET species but one that was friendly. I was suddenly in this family's home. Looked completely human, the "wife" smiled at me as she read my thoughts. I unfortunately phased back to my body before I could continue the experience.

12/18/07 6:30AM

I spoke in detail of this projection on the sister site: Found myself in a creepy location filled with ashen, hopeless creatures/people of some sort. Tried to escape but struggled for awhile. Eventually broke free and someone told me that place was called "The Fields of Sharrot". Thankfully I haven't been back since and I hope I never do.

7/8/08 4:00AM

Woke up, couldn't get back to sleep so I waited for the vibrations. Finally popped out and floated to the floor like a slowly-deflating balloon. Went over to the window and saw the familiar stars. I slowly held my hand out and touched the window. I am always hesitant to just push quickly through because I can't always tell if I am in the physical or not. It's that real and that conscious. After some prodding my fingers eventually popped out and beyond the glass which confirmed I was in the astral form. I played among the stars as I am want to do and eventually mentioned something about wanting to see a sign of life. Suddenly I am with a familiar girl. She seemed very happy to see me, so familiar! We embraced, it felt as physical and as real as any other moment in my life. There was a sadness emanating from her as if she knew this time together would be very brief. She was right. Suddenly I was back in my body in bed. Was she someone I love in a parallel world? From another lifetime? Fleeting nostalgia is a familiar sorrow when traveling.

Well that's a small sampling of some of my adventures out of body. The fully conscious/vivid travels are thrilling to say the least. Quantifiably objective proof to myself that we exist beyond the borders of our physical bodies. Consciousness uses our bodies here in the dense earth realm but it is not dependent on them to exist as this is the eternal aspect of ourselves, thank God/Goddess!

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Ishita (guest)
2 years ago (2021-05-31)
Is it possible to know that are you projecting or dreaming

I had two incidents when I was kid
1st one is that I was able to see earth (not clearly) and was with someone discussing something. I think it was a dream...

2nd one I don't remember, clearly I saw that everything was extremely dark and I was not scary at all, I was not able to see anything, then I don't know why, I woke up with a high jolt, and I saw that my aunt was sitting behind me and caressing my head

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