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My name is Sergei, I'm 27 years old, I'm from Russia, the Tambov region, the city of Michurinsk, 2 years ago I woke up at night, but I don't remember why I woke up, after that, I heard a strong ringing in my ears, and it seemed like the beginning of me Pull into sleep, I tried to get up but nothing came of it, then I felt a strong vibration in my stomach and tried to get out of bed, and I ended up in a lucid dream! Because I have not seen my body. Since then I have been reading books about the astral plane, and trying to get out of the body, but so far I have not succeeded in anything, and I also look at various foreign forums, now I want to try active breathing that shamans use to enter an altered state of consciousness, maybe so I will succeed, if something works out, I will definitely write here, good luck and good to everyone.

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GreenEyedLady (guest)
2 years ago (2021-06-05)
I often hear ringing in my ears when I quiet my mind, it's not loud and it soothes me at night. I can make it come and go whenever, my question is, does this happen with astral projection?
AnneV (79 posts) mod
2 years ago (2021-05-26)
Hi Sergey,
I think that qualifies as the beginning of an astral projection. There is a beginner's guide that I wrote on this site that might help you. Education on the subject is very important as it will point the way but also help minimize fear, which is inevitable when those pre-projection symptoms occur.

Thanks for sharing.

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