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A Place of Restoration

Another role of the subtle planes is to restore our soul's balance and harmony. Even the best of lives here in the physical will tax you emotionally and spiritually to some degree.

I'll give you several examples. Many years ago, during sleep, I entered another realm through a doorway. On the other side was a place of incredible serenity and beauty. I was in a sunny room in a large home overlooking the sea shore. I knew in that moment I had died. I sat down in a rocking chair and started to let go of the burden of my last physical incarnation. The joy coursed through me as I realized I'd never have to write another check, sit in traffic, hit the snooze button, lose a pound or go to work again! A huge weight gradually was lifted as I became lighter and happier. I cannot tell you the ecstasy of the moment. It was so profoundly serene that I quite literally could have sat in that chair in that sunny room for a decade. Much to my chagrin, a kind woman approached me and put her hand on my shoulder and said, "you must go back, it is not your time yet". Even though I was reluctant to return, I came back fully recharged and euphoric. Not for hours, but for days. I realized the very transient nature of this life. I realized how petty things were that typically annoyed me. I knew what was ahead. I knew there was no such thing as death, only change.

Just last week, again in my sleep, I suddenly came across a girlfriend of mine that I've known for years. She was walking along a beach with her two young girls looking off into the distance but without her husband. I tried to approach her but she sent a strong signal that she needed her space. I respectfully backed away, but one of her daughters, who is particularly fond of me, came running into my arms. We hugged briefly and I left her to her moment of introspection. When I woke, I told my boyfriend about it and commented on her distant mood. The next week (I hadn't communicated with her in several months) she sent me an e-mail apologizing for not writing sooner, but said that her and her husband of 10 years had just separated. I knew that she was on that beach alone with her girls in order to heal from what she had been going through.

Several years ago I was at the bedside of an uncle that was dying from cancer. In his final days, he reported slipping into altered states of consciousness and seeing his grandfather waiting patiently for him in a place of beauty. He lost his fear of dying and passed over peacefully.

I know that for a lot of us, when we pass over, we spend time healing from this life. Robert Monroe referenced a Garden (a particular Focus) where people are greeted (by relatives or otherwise) and are escorted to their place of choice. Some also create their own private retreat where they are most comfortable. Regardless of the location, it is a necessary process of inner healing before we decide to review our life and how we will proceed.

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