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Can Astral Projection Lead to Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is to be, as Buddha put it, "Awake." But what does this mean? To be awake means to be aware of the illusions around you. You in this physical life is one big illusion! The physical perception is one of the narrowest possible perceptions there are (this relates to my Filter Factor article). We are filtering a very small part of reality here, which subsequently determines our perception and base truths. But this is necessary, and not to be thought of as bad, as we have chosen the illusion on purpose. God just does not toss us on this plane for the heck of it. We each chose to come here!

Enlightenment is like a chalkboard. Except with this chalkboard it is white and written on with white chalk. Therefore, in your filtered level of awareness, you cannot read the writing on the chalkboard. In the physical, it is a black chalkboard, written with white writing. This you can see very plainly and accept this as your reality, but it is not enlightenment! It was just given to you in this black and white form so that you had some basic tools to work with. In the astral, it is a gray chalkboard with white writing. Your perceptions are a degree broader in the astral, but a degree is all. As we ascend through the planes, our perception broadens, until all illusion is removed and it is just white on white. Here there is no separation, no illusion, no ego, and the relative exists no more. This is the fruit bowl for the soul: to be reunited with All That Is. However, the soul very much can elect to redo this process and return to the black and white perception of the physical to re-experience itself, through relativity, once more. One might ask with horror, "Why on earth would a soul leave the fruit bowl for this place!?" So I tell you... why do you think the soul left the fruit bowl in the first place? Why was this whole process even started? When you understand this, then you understand the higher purpose of experience.

To be in the astral does not mean you are enlightened, but nor does it mean you are not. You can be enlightened right here in the physical, and not consciously project. There is nothing, save yourself, that is preventing you from seeing the illusion around you. You chose where you want your perception to exist.

Know that your soul is always independent of ego, which means it is already enlightened and perfect. Every one of us can tap into our own god/goddess within (as the Christ reminded us), not by trying to reach, but allowing yourself to be where you already are. This can be in any plane, however, few people figure this out here on the physical plane.

So, in summary, astral projection does not make a person enlightened, nor is a person seeking enlightenment through the astral plane superior. You can ask, "Is enlightenment the highest point that a soul can reach for?" and my answer is "no." The human soul is already perfect at all times. The process of learning, failing (if you can call it that), remembering, even discovering and discarding ego is profoundly important and a perfect process. The end result is realization of our own perfection. The entire cycle of enlightenment is perfect. There is no superior ending, and no inferior beginning.

Love, Light, and Enlightenment!

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