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Remote Viewing

I did my remote viewing training under Dr. Wayne Carr of The Western Institute of Remote Viewing in 1998. I put this on my astral projection webpage because I feel that astral projection and remote viewing are closely related. The information from both stems from what some would call the "universal mind", or the "super conscious." Neither are bound by time/space restrictions. There is also an additional benefit to remote viewing, and that is people can send their consciousness to a location while awake. Astral projection can take years to accomplish, whereas with remote viewing, you can experience exciting results, even bi-location, within a day or two (see Glossary for definitions).


Extended Remote Viewing (ERV)

Some of you may be curious as to which version of remote viewing I use, as there are many.

Pitfalls To The ERV Viewer

Are there problems and hiccups with ERV? Absolutely.


Viewing the Future

Viewing the future has tantalizing possibilities but also has anomalies that a person should understand.

Universal Mind

If we can develop conscious data collection from the Universal Mind then there are no limits to our potential as human beings.


Interested in trying this yourself?

You can have a try using the following techniques


Sample Session Results

Chandra Levy (Missing Woman)

As some of you may be aware, Chandra Levy is a young woman who has been missing approximately one year.

Chandra Levy Follow-Up

Here is a summary of my thoughts on the recent finding of Chandra Levy. In my opinion, this case, as well as the findings, are full of holes.


Erika Baker (Missing Girl)

On the remote viewing e-groups, I had found a request from a detective asking for help about the missing girl, Erika Baker.

Hunted Accused Killer

Here is what I got from my ERV session for a hunted killer.



During my two day workshop with Dr. Carr, I was given a random target (a four digit random number).


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