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Shadow, Possible Obe, Help


One night I was sleeping and felt like I was floating in the ocean and like I was sleeping and at the same time fully awake. I saw a dark cloud of smoke above me moving up to the ceiling and some shadow figures moving so fast my eyes couldn't really follow them.

I was so tired and it was sooo hard to keep my eyes open and stay awake and like something was forcing me to fall asleep, somehow I had a feeling like when I give in, it will be the end so I tried my best to stay awake and wanted to wash my face in cold water but I couldn't get up because something was sitting on my chest and I felt pressure and like heartburn.

It was similar to sleep paralysis, but I was still able to speak and move, I was moving my legs and hands "fighting it" then I heard a song playing in my ear and some whispers like "sleep", "finally", and just when I couldn't "fight" it anymore I've heard a voice, louder than these whispers: "GET UP! It's not your time!" And I could swear it was my grandmothers voice who died 10 years ago so the shock really woke me up and I felt like I was falling / sinking back into my body.

I saw fast moving shadows above me and a bright ball of light flying in their direction and exploded, it literally felt like a battle between light and dark.

I woke up and there were no clouds of smoke or shadow figures anymore but I still had this strange feeling of pressure and heartburn.

Yesterday, I was reading in my room when suddenly felt cold, fear and this heartburn again. I looked at my window and saw a shadow figure behind my curtains. I was so scared I looked away immediately, but I think it wanted me to see it, because it started to move my curtain and walking from left to right, messing with me so I asked "who are you" and "what do you want" and it stopped, but was still there, lurking and watching me...

I tried to ignore it, but it was moving my curtains like crazy, in every direction like it wanted me to see it.

I lit some candles and googled some prayers and started praying and the candle flames started to shake and flicker and I could feel the anger in the air but I kept praying, it was still there, moving...

It even blew out 2 candles...

It took me 3 hours of constant prayer to make it go away, or was it because it was already 7 o'clock in the morning and daylight...

Has anyone experienced something like this or similar? What was it and what does it want?

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