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It's commonly asked of me if possession is possible, or it's stated to me that they are personally warned by others against practicing astral projection for this reason.

Well, I have been astral projecting for years, and have gone into outer space and for extended leaves and have had no problems. In all my studies of astral projection, I have never heard of that occurring. Fear is the number one obstacle to projection and it is my opinion that this particular fear (possession) is ignorance based. And the people usually warning of this, also heard the "rumor", but it is mostly unsubstantiated.

We leave our bodies all the time, but normally do not retain conscious memory of it, and yet how many people do you know are possessed? I think of my body similar to that of a "fingerprint"; it is unique and only for myself, and you would have to have a "match" to get back in (or we'd all be accidentally possessing other people!) Possession is extremely rare and is typically associated with deeply troubled youths, or deranged people, NOT astral projectors.

The body pulls back the astral form for the slightest nuance of trouble. That could be a noise, a partner or spouse moving, having to go to the bathroom, anything! So, for a full blown "possession" to occur and for you to not have a clue is something that I don't believe is possible. This is also along the same lines as the rumor that if you're gone too long, the body will die. Neither has been recorded or documented to my knowledge. Most people who die in their sleep have had a heart attack, or an aneurysm, not the "life force" slowly having been drained out of them.

If I truly felt, despite my array of experience, that possession or death could occur (easily or otherwise), I sure wouldn't be practicing or condoning it! But then again, how are we to know that it's really ANNE writing this? :)

I have no doubt there are staunch believers that possession is possible (especially those with Christian backgrounds), but of the widely publicized books, where those famous authors have conducted in-depth studies of their own, possession was more a "wives" tale, then a real concern. I can say though, that this does not exclude entities pestering you! This can happen much more frequently, especially when first leaving the body and the vibrations are at their coarsest. You'll be much more likely to run into something of a negative or mischievous nature. But this is not "possession" this is just being pestered.

But if you're still worried, practice visualizing white light around your body, for in the astral, form follows thoughts. And it would be much harder for anything to bother you, in any way, if this surrounds you and your body's vicinity.

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