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Dream Journal

I recommend keeping a dream journal. I have benefited from this immensely. I have written down dreams that I thought irrelevant and later discovered a trend, a prediction, a message, or that it was repeating itself over and over until I "got" the message. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, try saying affirmations before you go to bed. Something like, "I will remember my dream tonight." Do this as you fall asleep and you are bound to start remembering. It has also been observed that the process of writing down your dreams increases your memory of them. In addition to writing down my dreams, I also include any interesting experiences. These can include astral projection (these are especially important!), vibrations, visions, strange happenings during the day-- like spontaneously sensing or seeing something that comes to pass. Anything of interest should be written down. These always make for fascinating reading later down the road and an interesting insight into your self.

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