Submit Your Astral Experience!

If you are just trying to contact the webmaster, use the contact page. Please read the instructions carefully or your story may get rejected:

  • Your story must be a real, personal experience, such as astral projection, out of body experiences (OBE or OOBE), lucid dreaming, remote viewing and near death experiences (NDE). Thank you for your contribution!
  • If your story does not meet the above description, please send it to the appropriate site:
    • Ghosts, possessions and hauntings experiences should be submitted to our ghost stories site.
    • If your experience is more of psychic nature (premonitions, ESP, clairvoyance, seeing auras or spirits, etc) or if you are a medium, please submit it to our psychic experiences web site.
    • If your experience is more of spiritual and religious nature, or related to personal growth, please submit it to our spiritual experiences web site
  • THE USE OF A SPELL CHECKER IS REQUIRED. Please read the submission guidelines. Badly written stories with poor grammar, too many spelling errors, incoherent storylines or lack of punctuation will be discarded (use a spell checker if possible or an online dictionary). Don't forget to use small paragraphs for easier reading.
  • Stories require a minimum of 1500 characters (not a maximum, it can be as long as you want). If your story contains photographs, please send them as attachment to the confirmation email you will receive (preferably before your story is published). In the case of movies or sounds, please upload it to youtube or soundcloud first and send us the link.

    Be sure to make a backup of your story before submitting! You need to be 13 years of age or older to submit a story.
  • If you plan on posting comments or if you want your own profile page, you will need to register first. We recommend that you do so before you submit your story so your story and comments are displayed on your profile page. Otherwise, the information you will enter (email, name, etc.) will only be valid for your current story.