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Astral Dreams

As I awoke from a "dream" this morning, I felt myself gently enter my body. We assume that because dreams don't make sense that they are dreams and not astral experiences. I believe however that all dreams make sense, it's just that we don't understand them. I also think dreams are in fact, subtle realm experiences.

The only difference between a dream and a projection is that the unconscious mind controls the dream whereas when you separate, you're consciously aware. That's why even after you separate from your physical body, you can slip into a "dream" which transfers control back to the unconscious mind. It's not that you've returned to your physical body just exchanged control.

People say that when they leave their body they see all sorts of strange things. Is this any different than a so called dream? We have locks on our physical doors to keep out the things we don't want, but in the astral, it's a free for all, unless you know how to construct your own boundaries. You may also see crazy things in the astral out of choice. If something is unpalatable to us, our unconscious mind will morph it for us. This is also why people block out their own past miseries and forget them completely on a conscious level.

Astral dreams (I prefer to call them this) serve a wondrous purpose. If you were to keep an astral dream journal, you would see that your unconscious mind (or higher self) is always serving you. It teaches you exactly what you need to know to realize your perfection. In truth, the only teacher we need is ourselves. There is no other teacher that will be as patient as your higher self. Your higher self knows where you are at in your cycle of growth and feeds you what you need to know at the perfect time. It doesn't project fears or biases onto you like a teacher might, nor does it rush you.

An example of this is a reoccurring dream that I have. In this particular dream, something is said to me that triggers my ego to react. Over and over I fall victim to the bait as my unconscious mind waits patiently for me to "awaken" in this dream and let go of my ego (notice I don't say "control the ego" because with control, the ego is still present. It's the letting go of ego that is the goal). In physical awareness, I would not react as I do, but in the dream I do. When we've overcome our obstacles on a dream level, then we've worked out the lesson. This is no different than Robert Monroe's and William Buhlman's reoccurring dreams of fear. Both were repeated until the lesson was learned, at which point they stopped.

For those of you who have read my "Verses on Contemplation" you may remember my dream where I was fighting good against evil. Evil was under my vengeance, and I was really getting into the fight. Then evil morphed and slipped easily from my grasp, and said, "I have always loved you... The only role I serve in your life is to teach you about yourself, and how far you still need to come in learning love."

Buddha said that his enlightenment was from being Awake, but I'm sure he was Awake on every level. Awake to the fact that there are no dreams, only reality. We exchange one reality for another every night. And every night our higher self lovingly waits for us to Awaken.

So the next time you complain you never project, know that that is not true.

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