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A reader asked me to write an article on cloning, and so I have.

First, what are the real concerns with cloning?

From a social standpoint, when the child is going through the period of trying to establish its identify, she sees her mother as her sister, her grandmother as her mother and her father as her brother-in-law. Every time she looks at her mother, she is seeing herself grow up. This would be a bizarre situation for any human. And then there are the social repercussions such as alienation for being cloned (we humans just love to ostracize our fellow humans!)

From a health standpoint, there is gene mutation.

From a technological viewpoint, there is the risk of race selection as what Hitler was trying to accomplish.

From a moral standpoint, we could move into tissue harvesting (a fetus for example) and this would be a worst travesty than abortion in many people's eyes. There is also the fear we're playing God by creating humans through unnatural methods.

My view (but not judgment) on cloning is that we are humans cloning humans, but it's impossible to clone more than tissue, cells, and traits that stem from the brain (yes, many of our "traits" come from how our brain is developed). The soul decides, well before a physical body is created, where it will be born, the parents it will have, and the issues that it will be faced with in this life. This is well out of the reach of scientists. In fact, the soul will specifically chose to be born into a cloned body if it feels there is some benefit for the soul's evolution (whether that is dealing with ego identity, desiring abnormality to learn a special lesson, social issues to strengthen itself, etc.)

God creates, and since we are a spark of the Divine, we create. However, in the physical, we are limited by our creation. There is no chance that a soul's ego can be identical, just as you cannot have identical soul egos in identical twins. In one breath, you can say we are all identical for we are all created by God, but for our duration in the lower realms (thousands of lifetimes), we take on ego, and become seemingly unique. A physically cloned human cannot get around this. They will look just like their parent, have many of the same traits, as the brain dictates how things are filtered by each person (and their filter will nearly be identical) but their upbringing, nourishment in the womb and developmental years (which effects how a brain develops and thus how it filters); social views (no matter how identical their brains are, if one grew up in the sixties, they will have an entirely different viewpoint then someone born in 2010); soul purpose; and ego will all be unique.

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