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Black Holes and the "Astralnaut"

I've been asked several times what would happen if we tried to visit a black hole in the astral. While I personally cannot say for sure, I thought the hypothesis would make an interesting article.

If we try and travel to a black hole in the astral, it will not be the black hole that we see, but the astral counterpart (as that's what you see in the astral... astral counterparts to physical objects). The light spectrum is incredibly more vast in the astral and while it seems that no light can escape a black hole in the physical, in the astral you may see something (so it may not be a black hole after all).

To get to a black hole would require a lot of talent (I'd like to call this person an "Astralnaut"). When I projected to the moon, I simply "willed" myself to the moon. However, we can see the moon... How would we know if we made it to a black hole if it was indeed black in the astral? It would be hard to know when you are there, other than the detection that you are completely surrounded by blackness. This person would also have to have a lot of guts. Anyone who has ever entered outer orbit knows the initial engulfing loneliness associated with it. It took several trips before I got over the fact that I was totally ALONE out there and everyone I knew and loved was back on earth. You have to have a strong, independent and adventurous spirit to want to tackle anything like that. The training for that would be as intensive as it would be for a regular astronaut. This sounds like it wouldn't be frightening, but I remember the first time I flew so high that I could start to see the curvature of the earth. Panic set in and I couldn't get down fast enough!

As far as which "body" of preference to use for travel, I don't think you could travel there in the etheric and see the "physical" black hole (I say physical because the etheric shares the closest vibrations to the physical) because if you read my article called 'Our Five Bodies' under the Commentary link, you'll see that the role of the etheric is mainly an energy body and I don't think it goes very far, so the best vehicles would be either the astral or mental.

I would also venture to say that you would get 'sucked' into a black hole due to the powerful magnetic pull. If you read my Science page you'll see that the astral body has magnetic qualities (which keeps us attached to the physical) and a black hole, incredibly magnetic, would suck you in. But I don't think you would "die" because your soul has no magnetic qualities and you would probably just pop back to your body. When you leave your body, not all of your astral substance goes with you, so although you might feel drained because some of it is in the black hole, you wouldn't die.

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