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Our Programmed Failure at Astral Projection

I just wanted to point out another reason why astral projection, our natural birthright, is so hard.

The regions of the brain develop systematically and there are critical windows of opportunity for learning in a human. Different regions become more malleable during particular phases. Our brains are particularly open to certain stimulations at certain times and once that time is up, you can never recapture that unique ability. This concept was proven in the 70s with experiments showing that cats can be blinded simply by covering their eyes during critical periods of infancy. If the connections are impaired during the windows of opportunity, the brain will never be able to perform the task, even when the eyes are reopened!

The same logic applies to humans. If we wanted to play a musical instrument, learn another language, or astral project, we shouldn't wait until age 20 when the cortex is already developed. This process should begin at age five when our cortex is being wired specifically for such skills. The connections then become part of the brain's formation. If a person in their youth has done something many times before, it becomes easier, not just physically but biologically, too. The pathway in the brain becomes very clearly drawn or wired over time. So if a child learns astral projection early, the connections for that task are very clear and unobstructed. If the child has never encountered that situation before, the brain has to try several different pathways, and may be re-routed several times before making the appropriate connection. If they are told that this particular behavior was imagined, a dream, or wrong, the child will eventually shut down those paths in the brain and lose all ability.

We dismiss our children's subtle realm experiences as dreams or fantasies instead of helping them form positive habitual patterns in the brain for skills related to projection. We bury this inborn ability and now, if at all interested, will have to literally rewire our ability to project and success is mediocre at best. Our ability, unless genetically fortunate, will never be what it could have been if we had been taught and encouraged at the right age.

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