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A Black Ocean


I haven't posted in some time for many reasons. I feel that lucid dreaming and astral projection give me anxiety all together. Although, I would love to share my experiences now. I would like to see others views on this. It's a very fuzzy memory so please bare with me. I remember open water, it looked like the ocean except for this one was a dark black color. The sky around me was a dark gray; I seemed to be flying above it, going quite fast. I could feel the air around me as I flew through the sky. I remember looking down at this dark, black water and being curious of it.

I don't remember much after this but I ended up back in the same hallway I always dream of. This time, the door that's always a dark color, seemed to push open by itself. Behind the door were two beings. One a pale child like creature with two giant eyes, and a bulbous head. He reminded me of an alien. I couldn't see the other one. I remember it being above the smaller one. They gazed at me before I called out; I'm not afraid of you. The dream ended and I woke up having mild panic attacks. This was a first with those two beings. I always dream of hooded entires behind the door. Never of other entities.

I don't understand why I end up in that same hallway. There's always something behind that door, waiting for me. Some nights I hate falling asleep with fear of dreaming of that same place and seeing those creatures waiting for me. Seeing that dark ocean was a new thing for me. What do they want with me? Help

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mercylinkia (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-26)

Start meditation and go through chakra cleansing process, probably your muladhara chakra is not able to release energy (due to some blocked fear in your mind) , Start chanting as per your religious faith, specially on full and no moon days.

Positive affirmation would be helpful
Gremthena (2 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-20)
Thank you, I'm more fearful of these entities growing an attachment to me. I would love to know what they want. I always dream of them, I will say one experience has caused my fear. A dream where cloak beings were around me and seemed rather pushy.
AnneV (80 posts) mod
4 years ago (2020-08-20)
Though this site isn't intended for dream interpretation, you were probably astrally flying over the ocean at night.

Maybe these beings are waiting for you to make contact, once you've worked through your fear. It's quite clear you're holding a lot of fear. You mentioned fear (thus causing anxiety) of lucid dreaming, astral projection, and the entities which caused a panic event upon waking. What is it you're afraid of? Fear is the number one obstacle to all of our progress and much of it is not necessary. In time, you may get tired of it holding you back and then step forth and confront it one small item at a time. I know I was fearful too but eventually wanted my power back and faced it.

Thanks for sharing,

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