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Accidental Out Of Body Experience


For context I know of astral projection and have attempted it 5 years ago but it was always unsuccessful because I didn't have the best concentration, nor was I too interested to keep up with the practice. I have recently started to hear more about astral projection and reality shifting on social media but never made an attempt.

I have been getting bad dreams, not nightmares, but uncomfortable dreams that cause me stress and in the morning I wake up still tired and drained. I've been trying to get in the habit of waking up at 7-8am but always sleep in cause of the tiredness.

One night or morning should I say, I had a dream where I was in the living room of my old house (it's a long bit of room with the living area in one end and the dining area in the other end.) There's a party going on and a good amount of people are dancing to 90s/00s pop music on the living room end. I'm in the dining room part where there's food, and on the dining table is a band I know that are sat there eating. (This is the part I knew it was a dream because these people are famous)

Anyways there's a huge screen that did filters, I go to the screen and it's put my face in the body of a cartoon character. I laughed hysterically, (I thought it was really funny) I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt and I was nearly in tears.

Then from behind a man grabs my arm with a tight grip and says in a strict tone, "you have to get out of here." At this point it's dark all around me, and the music from the party is still playing but from a far distance where it sounds like it's in another room.

I ask "Why?"

He sounds annoyed at me but in a rush to get rid of me, "You can't be here."

"Why?" I asked again.

"You want to fight?" He said this threateningly kind of scared me.

I replied as playfully as I could "Ok ok I'm leaving." And he's walking me 'out' I don't know where but away from the party.

I found it so strange how clear his voice was, and it was a deep male voice. Usually in my dreams I don't hear really well, or at least I don't remember it when I wake up.

And the music was coming from one area, if I turned to face my ears in the direction it would be louder and clearer and face away it gets quieter. (Obviously, but for a dream I found this detail unusual).

At this point I try to wake myself up, and I get up in my bedroom. I sit up on my bed and I see my room, the window I see when I wake up I but what freaked me out is that I saw the back of my head. It was my body that was still sleeping on my bed.

This scared me so much, I knew it was some sort of astral projection but I was in no shape to deal with it. I place my astral body to my physical and during this I hear the man's voice "no no no! What are you doing?! Get back! Get back!"

I shouted at him in my dream "My body my choice!"

And I woke up in my real body really spooked and blood pumping because he made me so mad.

I did a meditation to meet my spirit guides so I can ask about him in my dream and both my spirit guides I know didn't know who he was, or at least said they didn't know.

Kind of regret not exploring or embracing the experience but it was scary especially since I didn't consent to it. If anyone's got any information or similar experiences I would love to hear.

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AnneV (80 posts) mod
3 years ago (2021-01-17)
Most early projections are scary as they are generally unstable and a state we're not accustomed to. There is still plenty of time in your life though, if you're interested, to explore this and get through the fear and hopefully on to some amazing experiences.

Thanks for sharing,

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