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Exteriorization Technique

I've read about this technique in several books and found it really interesting. The ongoing problem/complaint about OBEs are that they take so long, are hard to accomplish, and are random at best.

This technique involves creating an astral double, or vehicle, and then transferring your consciousness to this vehicle. I like the sound of this because when proficient, you can astral project on a much more controlled basis. The following steps were taken from the book Astral Projection by Denning & Pillips. If you like the sound of this technique, I recommend buying the book because it provides much more detailed instructions than what is provided here. D. Scott Rogo also covered a similar technique in his book Leaving the Body, A Complete Guide To Astral Projection.

Here is a summary of the steps (try practicing for 30 minutes daily).

Week One: Relaxation.

  1. Practice slow and deep breathing. For every second of breath taken in, double the seconds going out. For example, breathe in for two seconds, and breathe out for four. Try and build this up so that you are taking four seconds in, eight out (now don't pass out!)
  2. Muscle relaxation. While standing or lying down, practice tightening and relaxing all the major muscles in the body. Start with the toes and clench and relax as you work your way up your body.
  3. Clear your mind. After steps one and two, work on decreasing your thoughts. Goal is a controlled mind with little static.

Week Two: Activating your chakras (see glossary for chakra definition).

After you have completed week one, start week two by completing all steps covered in week one (breathing, relaxing muscles and clearing the mind). Then work on going through all of your 7 basic chakras and visualize them swirling and moving, starting with the base chakra on upward toward your crown chakra. Though these may currently be dormant, you will feel these within a day or two start to activate. Just be sure that if you open these chakras, that you also close them. What I mean by that is, if you visualize them opening up like a flower (for example), then close the flower. Some people see a small ball of energy and that ball of energy opens up as they send or receive energy. Again, close the ball, or whatever is relevant for you.

Week Three: The Vehicle.

After completing week one and two, take time out to go through these steps before starting your vehicle creation work. When you are done relaxing, energizing your chakras, start to visualize astral substance leaving your chest area and forming a shell, or vehicle that is about the same size and shape as you. This is NOT you, just a vehicle for your consciousness to get into later. At first this will only be your imagination, but after a while, you really will be able to exteriorize astral substance from within yourself. Important: I've read that if you do this, be sure to gather back in the astral substance so you do not astrally bleed. So practice exteriorizing and interiorizing this astral vehicle until you start to actually feel it working.

Week Four: Entry.

First, find your center of consciousness (more than likely around your third eye, or top of your head). This is the place where you feel that YOU exist. Create and keep visualized your key figure (vehicle) and its connecting cord and while doing so, intensify your awareness of selfhood (center of consciousness). Continue until you have a distinct glowing presence at that particular point. Be aware of the corresponding point on your vehicle of consciousness. Now make a clear resolution to mentally transfer yourself (mentally, not aloud). Imagine yourself, concentrated at your single point of consciousness, gliding swiftly upward towards the figure and entering it at the point of center of consciousness. Now make a deliberate effort to turn around in the figure. The change of perspective is the critical point to secure a true transfer of consciousness. It is recommend that the first time you accomplish this, don't attempt much else.

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