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The word Poltergeist originates from the German words poltern, ‘to knock', and geist, ‘spirit'. Basically, it's an entity that can produce physical and auditory disturbances in a person's environment. What it also can be is terrifying. Originally thought to be demons and devils, it was later believed that the person receiving the poltergeist's attention was the cause of the disturbance itself. However, I do not agree with this in all cases as I myself underwent a serious poltergeist experience and actually saw the non-human entity while in the etheric!

Poltergeists are attracted to negative and powerful energy centers, and my home, when growing up, was a cesspool of negativity, thus making it a natural breeding ground for negative and unwanted visitors. Because of the tumultuous nature of youth in general, they are common recipients, or targets, of unwanted energies and this applied to me as well.

Here is an account of my poltergeist experience when I was about 17 years old. First, ghosts were common in my house as both my grandparents died there and their presence was often felt. However, I don't lump ghosts and poltergeists into the same category, per se. I consider ghosts to be humans passed on, while poltergeists can be non-human energies from the lower planes. Being that Poltergeists are from the lower planes (and there they stay), their behavior is always malevolent and centered around woefully unhappy people, and unlike most adults, teenagers rage with volatile emotions and unwittingly open themselves up to pestering.

I first started to notice a presence in my room by the temperature variation from the rest of the house: it was cold! Then our pet Labrador would sit at my bedroom doorway, not entering, and growl at the seemingly empty space inside. It was then that I started to be visited during my sleep. I would become lucid to something painful going on such as my sides getting pinched or squeezed. I was generally in the catatonic state and totally unable to move. On one occasion, I used my eyes to look down at my waist area to see what was causing me pain, and I saw a small creature curled up next to me, almost clinging. I was very terrified and I started to develop insomnia out of fear of falling asleep and being visited. The general bizarreness of my life took off at this point and lasted many months. There was an event that showed me how these things, when provoked, can punch a whole into our physical reality.

I was at a male friend's house telling him about this poltergeist issue, but he refused to believe it. He insisted on seeing for himself, so I asked him to come home with me and check it out for himself. When we went into my room, it was very cold, as usual. My friend started becoming belligerent and making comments like, "There is no entity here! If there is, it's pathetic because I sure can't feel it!" I was mortified and told him to not say this, for fear something ill would come of it, but he continued on until he left the house satisfied that nothing was there. The moment he left, the room was clear. Warm even! The change was so noticeable that I thought it had gone for good and I had the best night of sleep in months. What I didn't know, is that it followed my friend back to his house.

The next day, I got a call from my friend saying he could no longer be my friend, per his parents demands. Apparently, when he got home that night and went to bed, the stereo had flipped itself on and was dialing through channels much to his shock. Then his closet collapsed and he become hysterical, waking up his parents. Upon questioning, he told them what he had done that night, and that this "thing" was probably from my house. That was all it took!

A year after this incident occured, I moved in with a family that I was friends with, but this thing followed me regardless. Without me even saying anything about it, the mother, who was a gifted psychic, said that she knew I had a low level entity attached to me. This entity was my constant companion until I eventually outgrew it by raising my vibrations, therefore making its attachment to me non-existent.

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