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Does Astral Projecting Get Easier With Each Attempt?

I thought at one time that repeatedly leaving the body made it easier due to a loosening of the magnetic hold over the physical body. William Buhlman also stated in his book that this is the case. However, I do not think that this is true anymore. If the hold over the physical body is loosened with each attempt, the margin is miniscule!

I think what makes it easier over time is just plain getting older. As we get older, we start the downhill life cycle and our magnetic hold on the body weakens as we head into old age. So what could be misconstrued as "easier with practice" is really "easier with age". That is why young people struggle so! Their bodies are full of vitality and energy, and energy creates magnetism. Sick people (like the famous projector Sylvan Muldoon) and older people (like Robert Monroe who started projecting much later in life) had an easier time because the links are weakened. The only thing that makes it easier with "experience" is that you get good at knowing how to take advantage of such things as the vibrations, knowing to get away from your body and mastering concentration. Notice how you don't see any books on the market by young and healthy projectors?

The conditions that you need to project are a weakened body. That can include being ill, groggy from too much sleep, deeply relaxed as in deep meditation, or having fasted. THAT is what makes projection possible. I've received e-mails from people who found projection easy while they were in bed with the flu, but as soon as they returned to normal health, astral projection again eluded them. If it was based on repeated projections alone, they would have continued to be able to leave their body after they regained their health.

Of course there are exceptions as with anything. There are people who have a naturally lose hold over their astral body and can project easily, and even at a very young age, but these are the exceptions, not the rule.

So if we start practicing now, we'll be fantastic by the time we're in those old folks homes!

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