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Astral Projections and Reality

I get many e-mails asking me if projections are real or if lucid dreams are a form of projection.

And I always ask, "Where do you think your soul exists?" or "Where do you think your consciousness exists?" Your reality is defined by whatever you're experiencing at the moment.

Let's drop some labels for a moment (such as awake, sleeping, lucid dreaming and astral projection).

And know that:

the brain is a filter
the body is a filter
the dream is a filter
the astral is a filter
the emotions are a filter
the ego is a filter
the perceptions are a filter

There is no real location or perception that will truly depict where the soul is because there is only one soul and it is everywhere.

So as you are reading this, you are perceiving soul through the physical. If you have a lucid dream, you are perceiving soul through that mode of perception, but in no way is soul defined by the body, the mind, the ego or the subtle realms. As far as "astral projection as a reality" again it's whatever you are perceiving. If I "see and experience" that I'm in X location then I am! It doesn't matter if it's in my imagination, a dream, physically or in the astral. Now, while I may close my eyes and imagine being in X location, it doesn't mean that my physical filter is present, it just means that other filters are present (in this case, the mental, ego, perceptual, emotional and subtle filters).

Projections and experiences of all kinds are real but it's not truth. You thinking your soul is in your head cavity is not real, but you think it is. You think your "soul" leaves the body when you project or die, but that is not real either. The soul is everywhere and all things therefore it never "leaves" anything. It just switches modes of perception, ego and bodies (all filters) so you think it does.

So think not what is real in any of your experiences, but how you wish to perceive reality. It's up to you. This is why we are asked to "awaken" to reality and know that everything is a dream, which is just a filter of our soul!

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