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Astral Projection / Dreaming / Lucid Dreaming

A reader just asked me if I've ever seen dragons, mermaids, faeries, unicorns or other fantasy creatures, and if so, what were they like.

All right! I'm coming out of the closet on this one! I've seen gnomes on the subtle planes! I withheld this bit of info for fear of being labeled a pure nut, but there's a side to this story that puts it into the credible department. Now, while I've seen gnomes, I have not seen any of the others listed above, however, I imagine some may exist. Who knows, maybe some myths were started because someone "dreamed" them (a disguised projection) and thought it would make for an interesting story.

Here is the fascinating tale of how I saw these gnomes. I decided to do some remote viewing for the lottery numbers one afternoon. I did my usual set-up of going to bed, getting comfortable, and then started the process of moving from beta to theta. About 40 or so minutes into it, I felt I had reached the theta state (body totally asleep, hypnagogic imagery starting to form). This is when I started to probe for the lottery numbers. As my third eye opened up, what I got instead were two little gnomes! They both looked male and had the proverbial appearance of gnomes (dressed in rustic clothing, very earthy surroundings, etc.) What was rather odd is that one of them was drinking out of a tea cup! As the one gnome sipped his tea, he said to me (in an accent that sounded a bit Irish), "Look at the lottery for seven days and it will be like looking at paper." Now, while this tale sounds ridiculous, and you are probably rolling your eyes, I did exactly what the gnome told me to do. For the next seven days I went to Safeway and asked to see the lottery numbers. On the seventh day, an amazing thing happened.

It was a weekend morning and I decided to use my "My Favorite Technique" to do a projection. This basically requires sleeping in to the point of becoming excessively groggy. When I reached that point, I was able to induce the vibrations and exit my body. I of course went to search for the lottery numbers, thinking I had to "go someplace." Well, one projection was futile, and after awhile I came back. But for some reason my body remained in an optimal state and I was able to leave over and over. On the seventh exit I grew frustrated and demanded to see the lottery numbers (hence the source for my Will article.) And as I pushed out the force of my will, up popped the daily lottery numbers, as clear as the gnome said it would be. Of course the rest is written down under my lottery article.

So I do believe I really did see gnomes. But why they chose to appear to me and help me, I do not know. I can only say one thing, and that is that I've had a very strong attachment to earth and her creatures since I can recall. Even in my dreams I have drawn "other realm" tarot cards depicting a nature goddess. So perhaps there is some affinity even with her subtle realm creatures (nature is nature).

There are creatures that we cannot see that are literally "out of this world." I'm quite sure many of these exists and have varying degrees of personality, as we do.

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