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Physical Ailments and Astral Projection

I sometimes get the occasional mail from readers that suffer from some form of physical ailment such as poor vision or a walking problem. Understandably, they want to know if these restrictions will carry with them into the astral plane.

It is my belief that it will not. I myself have a poor back and not that great of hearing, however, it is all completely restored in the astral. I've known of people who were completely unrestricted in the astral although they were a paraplegic in the physical.

The reason this is so is because the ailments are only physical. If they weren't corrected upon entering the astral you could forget them ever being corrected after death! And time and time again people who have had near death experiences have located loved ones that no longer suffered any ailment that they had suffered while in their physical shell. Also, some other points; if you are in a wheelchair, remember that in the astral your body isn't even really necessary nor do you see with "eyes". Robert Monroe constantly talked about doing a "double roll-out" where he wouldn't even have a physical shell. In other words, it is only your mind that restricts you. If you think you can't see in the astral, you very well may create your own veil to make it so. Wish to see clearly, and you will. What we think, we manifest.

One minor study was done by Robert Bruce, author of Astral Dynamics, of a blind person who left their body and couldn't see, however, the person never moved away from the magnetic body range!! We are ALL blind when we are within the magnetic body range! But even published authors can make mistakes. And one case is hardly proof of anything.

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