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Mindlessness and the Art of Mental Projection

Mental projection is a form of conscious mental travel. No vibrations are present and a person can be instantaneously "out of body". My first conscious mental projection was while listening to classical music at the age of 14. Some anomalies of mental travel is that mind splitting can occur where awareness exists simultaneously at both the physical location and the target location. Consciousness jumps from the physical vehicle to the mental and no astral substance is present which has also lent to the phrase of this being an "earth projection" because it's very clear. This can be induced by daydreaming, remote viewing, listening to music, and hypnosis just to name a few. What keeps us from mental projecting more is our direct thoughts on conscious living, or "mindfulness of the physical". Ever since we were children, we were told the ills of "mindless thinking", "absent mindedness" and "day dreaming" but these three things are KEY to letting the mental mind detach itself from grounded/physical reality. Despite societies attempts to suppress this natural ability, psychologists have still determined that mindless behavior is fairly widespread and general. Of course it is! We spend our entire night away from our body and half of our lives "day dreaming" which is in some way, also "away from our body". We are really only acutely tuned into our physical surroundings a minimal portion of the day and that is because we are far more than our physical bodies.

Mindless behavior, in my opinion, is really mindful behavior but not in the physical realm. It's because we are detaching ourselves from our physical world that we seem "distant" and without presence of mind. In fact, the more immersed we become in the mind/soul experience, the further away that physical reality seems until we stop seeing, hearing, and even feeling any external sensory input. Haven't you ever walked into a department store while in deep thought and asked a mannequin a question, only to realize seconds later when you've 'tuned in' that this "dummy" isn't responding! When we live in a "world of our own" I assure you it is beyond this physical plane. Daydreaming is just a precursor to mental traveling. If we were to let go even further, spontaneous mental projection would occur. This is the whole premise of remote viewing. You stare off into space and let your mind detach and search out the target of which you passively probe. If you don't let static come in and you don't keep grounding yourself back to your physical environment, you'll eventually bi-locate (mental project) to the target.

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