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Make Me Believe!

I get my share of e-mails asking if astral projection is real, if perhaps it is all in my head, or a lucid dream.

Well, obviously I would not put hundreds of hours into this webpage if I didn't believe my own words. But how do I know it's real? And why should you believe as well? In lieu of these fine questions, here I sit to write my Commentary article entitled; Make me believe!

  • First I must say that my own projections are so clear that never in my imagination could I conjure these images up.
  • Studies were conducted at SRI International where a woman left her body and read off 5 digit numbers in another room. They simply cannot exist inside of her head. The data was external to her mind and the odds of her "guessing" five digits, in the proper order, are a hundreds of thousands to one (The Near Death Experience by Bailey & Yates, page 324).
  • A written report of an OBE experiment was produced on July 26, 1972, entitled "Report of an Out-of-Body Experiment Conducted at the American Society for Psychical Research: Participants: Dr. Carole Silfen, Janet Mitchell, Ingo Swann." Dr. Carole Silfen performed a test with Ingo Swann where the contents of a rather large black box had to be viewed and drawn. As outlined in the report, "Ingo sat in a room adjoining both the EEG equipment chamber and the target room. He was connected to the EEG equipment with electrodes that are in turn attached through the wall to the EEG equipment. He was thus prevented movement during the experiment. He was then to exit the body and view the contents of the box. Ingo adequately saw the rectangular opening of the target aperture, the structure to the left (which was the side of the red target), and the general location and shape of the black square bearing the three concentric white circles." The report's final comments stated: "Factors of light reflection, arc of measurement, size of target perceived in relation to point of perception, etc., suggest that for the first time out-of-body perception can be taken out of the realm of `claim' into the realms of physics and mathematics. It is hoped that this type of experiment will be replicated soon to support this first occurrence."
  • For me to consciously ask and see the daily lottery numbers while astral projecting is phenomenally unlikely. Again, the data for this is external to the mind of the projector.
  • As I've said before, our filters (emotional or otherwise) are removed while in the astral and we can get real data from people that we could never get while in the physical. A man wrote to me and said that he had astrally projected and met his brother's higher self. His brother confided in him that he was having an extra marital affair and even described the mistress. The next day he confronted his brother who was totally shocked and confirmed all the details of what had been shared between them the night before.
  • There was an interesting story I read once about a boy who had a near death experience. He fell into a river, drowned and saw his deceased mother. She was wearing an unusual necklace that he had never seen before. They exchanged kind words and she told him it was not his time yet. Later, after he was resuscitated, he asked his father about this necklace. The father then said that unbeknownst to anyone, he had this necklace placed on her body for the burial. There are thousands of examples of near death experiences where people meet deceased relatives and guides and come back to share some special bit of information that was not known to that particular person prior to the experience.
  • I have seen countless things in the astral that came to pass the next day. The firing of my boss, extreme weather conditions, deaths, I've even read headlines on newspapers for the next day.
  • The act of separation is unmistakable. This isn't typically done is some dreamy state. There are mind rattling vibrations and high intense tones, all of which no science or technology can explain. If this were a "lucid" dream, these violent physical reactions would not be present.
  • People have heard and confirmed radio information that was heard while in the magnetic body range (since our frequency range is so much greater while out of body). I myself have heard complete songs, symphonies, and tv programs in perfect clarity that I know I cannot reconstruct in my own mind because some of these I've never heard before!

I truly think we have a soul and that this soul survives physical death. Even if you claim that I am experiencing ESP (extra sensory perception) that data STILL exists outside of the physical brain.

My role, and that of this webpage, is not to convince you of my beliefs. It is to share information and experiences. I don't believe in converting people because that is egotistical. To convert implies that there is something wrong with your viewpoint and needs to be changed. I strongly feel that all of our paths are perfect for our current state of growth, and it is important that we be tolerant of that in others. The truth exists, and when it is our time to see those truths, they will be revealed.

I applaud people who approach this with healthy skepticism. To blunder into anything without some form of questioning and discretion will probably lead to a bitter experience.

As Robert Monroe said, even if you believe, this will only be a "belief". Until you experience it for yourself it will never be a "known". If I'm correct, astral projection holds some phenomenally important advancements for man-kind. You can either chose to ignore it, or take a chance that it could be real and that there is more to your life than your 8-5 job, your physical appearance, your assets and retirement. What you COULD discover is that you have purpose far greater than you imagine, that life is a beautiful learning experience and can be greatly enhanced by the exploration of the soul outside of its physical encasement. That there are such gifts as healing, time travel, and meeting advanced souls to help you in your journey.

Read my words, do your own investigations, and make your own intelligent decision.

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