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What Is and Isn't Astral Projection?

Astral projection is simply a tool. How that tool is wielded depends on the user. Tools such as AP do not make us wiser nor do they make us better, just as using a paintbrush doesn't make a person an artist nor a does holding a gun make a killer.

If you think that your enlightenment, freedom, or happiness is hinged on the success of astral projection, then you may be disappointed. Nothing exists outside of ourselves that can give us this. So what kind of tool is this? It's a subtle tool of awareness. More than you know, great quantities of humans think there is no afterlife and that they will turn into dust. Even those that believe there is an afterlife have their suspicions. They live their lives fearing death and are half dead before they even start. To know that there is something beyond the physical body allows us to be "free" of this paramount fear and thus we can live our physical life more fully. To make the judgment that astral projection is merely a whimsical trip into wonderland is only seeing the beginning stages of the process. If I was to look at a plot of land where a castle was to be built I would have to possess the vision to see the outcome, versus focusing on the planks of boards and rocks.

We are not limited to this pursuit, nor should we depend on it. It is a small expression of our pursuit towards awareness. Being disgruntled at the slowness of it defeats the purpose. The journey should be as rewarding as the destination. In our fast life we want fast results but it took many masters many decades to perfect such things.

So we must ask ourselves, why am I trying to achieve this? How much time am I willing to spend on this? Am I ready? The conclusion to our endeavors will be obvious if it's for instant gratification, boredom, or that we've seen one too many episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

As I have said about my webpage: My webpage (and this Forum) is all about astral projection, but it is not all about us. Take what you can from the experience and be temperate in your expectations of it. And if you decide to stop it, then thank the portion of the experience you were able to learn from, and move on.

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