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Cryonics: Can the Astral and Physical Body be Frozen and Brought Back to Life

Sometimes, if I receive a particularly interesting question, I like to post a Commentary on it. Although some questions I cannot answer for certain (like what the effects of a black hole would be) it still makes for an interesting topic. It was recently asked of me if a body could be frozen (cryonics) and then brought back to life and what would be the repercussions on the astral form. In my opinion, the astral body cannot be frozen. Why? Because it is too vibrationally 'fine' and the bond to the physical (the astral cord) will eventually deteriorate and true separation will occur (death). What freezes in the body are liquids. Since our body is primarily water, this freezing can occur (actually, they use a special chemical solution that freezes differently which reduces the formation of crystals that damage cell tissue), but the astral is not liquid and cannot be frozen. That would be like suggesting that if I astral project to my freezer or the arctic, I will get stuck. Also, the role of the etheric is an "energy" body and it would not function properly if the body was frozen, therefore it would also deteriorate.

I think companies that do this do not understand the different vehicles of consciousness and are erroneous in thinking that the spark of life lives in the physical body and can be resuscitated after being frozen. The only difference between us and a corpse is our spark of "life" which is our soul. Both a corpse and us have bones, blood, brains, eyes and cells, but what makes the body a corpse, is the fact that the soul's link has been permanently severed (death). The continuation of life, as was defined by Alcor (a body freezing company) was, "Remember that life as we experience it, through the biological consciousness of our living selves, depends on the survival of our cells. So long as the cells are protected and preserved, the potential for continuation of life still exists." And before this company can even freeze the individual, the body has to be clinically dead! Well, if they could be resuscitated then, wouldn't they be? How would replacing their blood with a non-crystallizing formula and then freezing them increase the chance of resuscitation in years to come? Even if you later found a cure to their ailment (cancer, aids, etc.) I would think that you'd still have to resuscitate the corpse to administer the cure.

These companies state that they can do this in the future (although they have yet to resuscitate anyone from freezing) because they have a few minutes (a "grace period") between the heart stopping and cell damage occurring. And since it is their belief that life is contingent only on healthy cells, this makes it possible. Resuscitation can occur, but only before the etheric and astral fully separate, as in such cases as a drowning victim or heart attack where they are quickly given CPR.

These 'souls' whose bodies have died and then have been frozen have already moved on and will not come back to these bodies. In fact, they may even be reincarnated before their current dead bodies are unfrozen! Once the cord is severed, it is severed! Again, the only reason some people come back to life is because the cord is not truly severed, and they are temporarily 'out of body'. Even when the body is clinically dead, it sometimes takes many minutes (even up to an hour in some conditions) before the etheric and astral separate. It is during those few minutes that we can be revived. It is also during these minutes where people report out of body and post life experiences.

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