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What has projection done for me?

Here are some of the things astral projection has done for me:

Astral projection has helped me overcome my fear of dying. Now that I know "me" is not just my body, and that my soul exists outside of my physical self, there is nothing to fear about death. I know that my consciousness will not snuff out like a candle. I also know how incredibly pleasant the astral realm is, so I'm looking forward to it, instead of dreading my demise.

It's taught me more about love and forgiveness. Experiencing emotions like love in the astral is very intense and I've been given opportunities to forgive people that I would not have had available to me in the physical (as they are now dead).

I now think more "outside the box". Because I've discovered things (like time travel) that other people said wasn't possible, I know there is so much more to existence than what we are told. I now question reality as it is presented to me. I truly think nothing is impossible, it's just a matter of knowing how to manipulate energies.

It's visually stunning. The higher astral planes are so beautiful that for us to not enjoy it, is like saying, "why travel to exotic places here on earth?" Why not just stay in your home town, despite knowing that gorgeous places await you? With astral projection, I don't have to pay travel expenses, and yet I can see places that exceed ANY place of beauty in the physical. I can also travel to any destination (the moon for example). There are no limitations, but those that I impose myself.

Accessing information. I can talk to people's higher selves and find out what they are really thinking or feeling, regardless of how closed off they are in physical life.

When astral projecting, we are not encumbered with a body that slowly deteriorates over time. We do not need to eat or sleep. We are truly free!

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