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I was recently told by a spiritual master that, "it's all about vibrations." I have been thinking about that statement for several months now. How does this relate to our present goals and personal growth?

I wrote an outline of where I think the study of vibrations could lead us to new paths of explorations and self-awareness.

Parallel Universes:

William Buhlman stated in his book, 'Adventures beyond the Body' to "Forget all your spatial concepts of up and down, near and far. The entire multidimensional universe is here and now." He then states that the concept that describes the structure of the universe is density and that each dimension encountered after we shed the physical shell (astral projection for example) is less dense in its "vibrational" substance. He also stated that, "apparitions and poltergeist activity are simply the natural result of a nonphysical inhabitant lowering its personal vibrational frequency (density) so that it can temporarily be seen or interact within the denser physical dimension."


Even if even a small percentage of the 50,000 computerized worldwide reports are true about UFO's (some from extremely reliable sources such as generals, pilots, and even Jimmy Carter who filed an official UFO report while he was Governor of Georgia) then you know they've got to be manipulating parallel universes to traverse time and space. We all "know" that light is the fastest recognized object (kind of like how we knew the earth was flat?), but what if you didn't travel outside, but instead, WITHIN?

Astral Projection and Vibrations:

As per Robert Monroe in Journeys Out of the Body: "The vibrational sensory effect was the single consistent symptom throughout the Beginning Stage. However, it appeared to be evolutionary. The early vibrations seemed to be rough, sometimes accompanied by a visual image of a localized ring of electrical "sparks." The frequency was on the order of ten cycles per second, according to the visual clock timing. At the conclusion of the Beginning Stage, the frequency had increased to approximately eighteen c.p.s. with much less discomfort to the physical body."

Sylvan Muldoon & Hereward Carrington said in The Projection of the Astral Body that, "The range of vibration to which our earthly existence is limited and does not extend over all creation; consequently we are unaware of the vast realities all around us. When the astral phantom (whose eyes you are using even now in reading this) becomes tuned up--which it can be--those eyes will be able to see other things besides the familiar surroundings, and the astral body will be able to get out of the physical."

Changing our vibrations:

How do we change our frequencies? Several ways: meditation, thought patterns, and spending more time in the astral. To a lesser degree, I'm sure food and living conditions play a part.

I practice manipulating my vibrations as I'm going to bed and waking up. I send energy through my body until I can really feel it, and then I manipulate it (increasing and decreasing the speed, moving it up and down my body). Stimulating and working with your chakras also affects your vibrational level (see Glossary for chakra description). As a person's vibrations change, they can then tune into different vibrations around them. For instance, some "sensitive" people can see ghosts and auras. It has also been documented that paranormal activity increases-- why? Because we are spiritual beings and probably really charge our "batteries" when spending time in the astral, so we are even stronger vibrationally in the physical when we return.

Another added benefit for raising your vibrations is that you can then visit higher realms in the astral, and eventually the mental plane. After years of astral travel, Robert Monroe (a leading astral projection specialist who has now passed on) started having strange things happen to him. Several times, in the physical, he "fell" down his stairs but landed as softly as a feather (Far Journeys, pg. 9). Money started appearing in his pant pockets. He could no longer consume alcohol or take any medications, including anesthesia.

Physical vs. the Astral:

The primary difference between the astral and the physical is vibrations. When you leave your body, you are at the coarsest vibrations and are open to anomalies in that range. You will see the astral counterparts to things in the physical. This is where overlay can happen. You may see thought objects, objects from previous tenants, or even objects from the future. An example of this was demonstrated by a remote viewing session. A target was done of a field, but the viewer saw a building that wasn't there (so it was deemed that he didn't have correct "target contact"). However, later, the exact building he drew was built. This can happen in the astral as well, again showing the malleable nature of time. A reader recently sent me this description of his astral experience: "I walked to my bathroom and I noticed that things weren't the same. The window was there! Well it's still there, but my sister has built her room onto this side of the house and it's really a shelf now." The longer something exists in the physical, the more permanent its home is in the astral. Also, something new may not yet even be imprinted. Such is the strange world of the astral.

So what is possible?

Depending on how much time you want to put into it, miracles, I would suppose. But with our modern, hectic life, is it really conducive to the times of old? Not many of us can be like monks and wile away the day in some quiet monastery. Results are going to vary accordingly.

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