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Very Scary Yet An Eye Opener


So about three years ago I was helping a friend get her house ready to move in. Her mother-in-law had passed and left her and her husband the home. We were painting very late due to that was the only time I had free to lend a hand, So I was stating facts to her that I would have no clue about that had to do with her and her husbands family. Then I felt like an urge to tell my friend that his mom didn't want her in the home, Not meaning never in the home but stressing to get out of the home NOW... By then me and friend had realized something is definitely wrong the way I was acting and I'm not particularly caring for this at all so I am trying to question why I'm acting this way. Its so hard to wrap around in my head. Then all of a sudden I walked in the kitchen noticed I seen three things in her kitchen that belonged to my mom, and uncle that had passed away then I said I'm leaving if your not going I don't know what to tell you. She wanted to just ask questions from me to answer like as being her mother in law and that completely PI**** me off. So as we were going to walk out of kitchen I see like at the time I though maybe headlights flying across her backyard which is impossible to drive through her backyard without knocking a fence down but I seen three for sure almost like softball lights fast as ever across the back yard. At that time it was urgency to leave still not knowing why. So we are getting in the car and in a far distances I see a man which I seen every feature of him but honestly there is no way I seen this man from that far, But somehow it was exactly who I described was a neighbor with drug issues and of stealing and anger. At that point I felt the adrenaline and fear in me. As we were about a mile away from the house I said we where going to die tonight and I was 100% positive when I said that it was for real. That's when I cried and cried because I said the cops where going to knock on the door to tell my girls that their mother was no longer here she had been murdered. So I literally cried until the next morning because I knew exactly how I was killed to the T but I never seen it so I HAVE NO EXPLANATION HOW I KNEW IT AND FELT IT. Then the net morning I wake up to a message from my niece asking what I'm doing today which is Sunday So I wasn't really speaking to my sister since my mom had passed so it was kind of weird but whatever so I went there and after a couple hours of talking to my niece she said oh yea mom wants you to see her before you leave. So I go outside and the first thing out of her mouth was Melissa I had the worst dream at 2 30 this morning She said you called me and you where in Park Hills which is the same town I was in last night when all that happened and she had no clue about where I was or what I was doing. So she went onto tell me that I called her crying and scared and said please come pick me up and when she arrived in Park Hills I was knelt down in the yard with blood all over me and stab wound to my face and chest. It was exactly 2 30 in the morning Saturday night Sunday morning when I seen the lights in the backyard.

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