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Taking Friends Along

I get this question a lot. Taking friends along, or meeting up with loved ones is possible, however, there are some challenges involved. First, the person wanting to make contact has to master astral projection. It is far too premature to worry about what the two of you will do, or if they will retain conscious memory of the event until one of you, or preferably both, learn how to project. This in itself can take years! But once you have learned to project, then you can focus on the person you would like to meet on the astral. Travel to them is instantaneous and only requires the "will" to be with them, and you will be there before you can even finish the thought. And it matters not where in the world they are (or if they are even deceased).

The next problem (after learning projection) is getting your party to be conscious of the event. More times than not, they will be involved in some dream and you'll get their higher self. If this is the case, they will NOT retain conscious memory of you, or at best, you will just be incorporated into their dream. But this can be interesting in itself because you can ask anything of the higher self of this person, and you will get the real truth! They are incapable of lying. You can see the potential....

People also wonder if they will be physically "seen" by the person they are contacting. The answer is no. How many astral entities do you see flying around? None, probably. Astral and physical matter do not share the same vibrations! In fact, even when you see them in the astral, you are not seeing them, but the astral COUNTERPART to them. That can be their etheric or astral body. Only on very rare occasions is an astral form able to be seen on the physical plane. Their vibrational frequencies have to be very near to the physicals for this to happen.

The best advice is for both parties to practice, and if one succeeds, go to the home of the other, and try talking or pulling them out. I personally have never "pulled" someone out, but I've read about this on many occasions.

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