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A Trip to the Moon

From the earliest times of my astral projection investigations, I wanted to make one of my destinations the moon. I read over and over in books how people would go to their friend's house or some such thing, but all I could think of was "how boring!" Maybe it was my natural love of space that created this desire, but all I knew was that I would not give up until my goal of seeing Earth from the surface of the moon had been met.

I typically don't post too many of my personal astral projection experiences, as they are all deeply personal, but someone sent me a link recently that supported a very odd thing that I saw on the moon.

First let me outline my astral endeavor to the moon. I did my hemi-sync tape before bed, and sometime during the night I became lucid while vibrating heavily. I was able to separate my astral arms and pull myself out. I went outside and searched the night sky for the moon, of which I was able to locate. Then, I started to fly towards it, but this was taking an agonizingly long time so I decided to see if I could simply "will" myself to it. Before I could finish that thought, I was on the dark side of the moon. I couldn't see earth so I skimmed the surface until I could see earth shimmering in front of me. The colors are more intense in the astral so it was a wondrous vision for me. At last!

Now, here's where it got interesting. After I admired the Earth for a while, I was approached by a man who said almost nothing to me, but instead led me below the loamy gray surface of the moon to a compound. I've attempted to describe this before, and I've used the terms "military" or "research facility". It had the feel of being primarily inhabited by men (versus perhaps a family feel to it). We didn't do much except look around for a while. I saw an area similar to a "mess hall" with things like cigarette butts and trash. The rest was rather boring and sterile in detail.

Well, the link that was recently sent to me included a reference to a book written by Ingo Swann. In his new book, "Penetration" it states that the book "Reveals a long-held secret series of experiences with a 'deep black' agency whose apparent charter was simple: UFOs and extraterrestrials on the moon..." There was also mention of military involvement and an underground structure. Most people in the astral projection/remote viewing community are familiar with Ingo Swann. Here's a copy of his bio: "Ingo Swann, parapsychology researcher, author, and artist, is the originator of the Coordinate Remote Viewing protocols. He has an MA and a Doctorate in Humanities with a concentration in parapsychology, and another honorary Doctorate degree. He worked at the United nations for 12 years. He is now retired and living in Manhattan where he continues his personal research into the vast possible potentials of the human mind."

While this is hardly evidence that what I saw was real (A military type underground compound) it was interesting non-the-less. A seemingly outlandish claim (for both of us), but most would say that anyways about astral projection.

Additionally, here is a related excerpt from "The Energy Grid" by Bruce L. Cathie. "During my many years of research I have uncovered a considerable body of evidence pointing to the existence of projects being carried out on a world-wide basis which have direct connections with UFOs. From this evidence the logical conclusion is that top scientists and electronic engineers have direct contact and communication with UFOs. I also believe it is most probable that a Moon-base has already been established by our own scientists. The advanced technology would give them this capability. When the rocket program was wound down years ago, it was probably because it was obsolete."

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I'd be interested in hearing from other projectors, if they have seen this as well.

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