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Accidental Out-of-the-body Experience


I had an Out-of-the-body experience when I was 17 years old while I was meditating in my room. At that time, I was attending a Mind Control course with the Da Silva method on Saturday mornings.

I felt my astral body leaving through my crown. All of a sudden, I didn't feel my body and couldn't move it. It didn't even feel heavy. There was no sound and I didn't feel either cold or warm. I could see all dark around me and my legs sitting on my bed. I could not see any other parts of my body or other beings around. Everything around me looked like a night vision camera and all I could see was my legs that looked pale green lying in a horizontal position. It felt like I was right above my head.

I didn't go that far and went back to my body straightway as I was a bit confused about it.

I told the meditation course coach about it asking if he knew what that was. He was so surprised and happy and said," Wow! You had an Out-of-the-body experience! It didn't last long because you wondered what was going on, but don't be afraid. You're so lucky to have had experienced that. Well done! I hope you can experience it again one day!"

I can still remember the feeling when I was leaving though my crown like a bubble making its way through cloth or similar. I could feel the difference in density. It was very interesting.

Since then, I have always said that we leave our bodies when they decay and have a strong knowing that there is more around us that we can't see with our naked eyes. I will never forget that experience and it stays in me as if it had happened yesterday.

I would like to be able do it again and explore the possibilities that come with it.

I find this website interesting and useful and I hope I can learn more and remember to do this again

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AnneV (80 posts) mod
2 years ago (2022-08-31)
Thanks for sharing. Though I've had many out of body experiences, I don't recall ever leaving through my crown chakra. I think meditation is a great starting point. I'm sure if you keep doing that you'll advance. Awesome!

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