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Are Ouija Boards Real?

I've been asked several times if Ouija boards are real, and if so, what can one expect from their use.

Here is my viewpoint on Ouija boards:

Yes, they are real, but what you will encounter may vary greatly.

Operating the Ouija board is not done in an altered state of consciousness. This means that to perceive any kind of contact, the energy will have to be very near the physical plane of existence in order for you to feel them. The entities you may encounter will be vibrationally coarse (lower astral). Lower astral entities are generally very undeveloped and can be quite unpleasant. You will also encounter newly departed souls, or "lost souls". Lost souls are souls that are clinging to the physical plane, and refuse to leave loved ones, physical locations that hold strong memory content (a family home, prison, or even a murder scene).

Also, what you are is what you may attract. If you are negative yourself, you can expect to attract, in particular, even lower forms of consciousness. If you are a loving and 'light' being, you can expect perhaps NO movement, or a neutral being as a result. Obviously, the more negative you are the more board activity will be generated for you. You yourself don't even have to be negative to attract negative entities, but if you live in a negative environment, that in itself is enough (or if your surroundings have negative history associated with it). If you are having marital or family issues, this can manifest negative contact.

Teenagers are typically more "open" than adults and I do not recommend a teenager in a troubled home to play with this. If you open yourself up to this, it may attach itself to you for a long period of time. I know, because this happened to me when I was a teenager. It took several years for me to detach myself from a very low level entity that I had attracted through the use of a board. I was unhappy, had very strong personal vibrations, and attracted a real whopper of an entity. And since low astral forms are very close to the physical, they can, on rare occasions, even alter objects in the physical. Mine was bad enough where even our pet dog would not come into my room. Poltergeist activity was also present.

And of course, one can get their own higher self, or subconscious. But how will you know?

One has to ask themselves why they are using it. If it's for information, it's highly unlikely it will be accurate. If it's for fun, then take precautions to surround yourself in white light and request only positive beings.

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