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What is the purpose of astral projection?

Here are some stories that help define the purpose of astral projection (these are two of my favorites). First, here is a story from Robert Monroe's Far Journey's: "A huge white dog three times the size of our beloved Steamboat-- what a name for such a nice little dog-- has him by the neck, the massive jaws firmly shaking Steamboat back and forth in quick jerks, Steamboat's body already swinging limply.

(No, no!) I can't let it happen! Is it really Steamboat? It is! He's dead, Steamboat's dead! I'll kill that big son of a bitch, he'll never . . .)



A huge white dog three times the size of Steamboat has him by the neck in massive jaws that are swinging Steamboat from side to side, Steamboat hanging limply.

(Steamboat's dead! Dead! What a tragedy! I'll miss him, I'll miss him. Let go, big dog, I can take what's left and ...)



A big white dog much larger than Steamboat has him by the neck and is swinging Steamboat back and forth, Steamboat hanging relaxed, eyes closed.

(Well little fellow, if that's the way it is, thanks for staying around as long as you did. We had fun together. You gave me a lot of ROTE that will always be a part of me...)

Still in the jaws of the big white dog, Steamboat raises his head slightly, opens one eye, winks at me, and grins."

As you can see, this dream reset itself until finally he realized it was two fold in its point: fear, control, and anger. Another one is from William Buhlman's book "Adventures Beyond the Body." He dreamt that there was a stairwell. One set of stairs went up where he could see a warm shining bright light and the below set of stairs went into a dark hole where he could see something lurking. He decided to confront his fears and went down into the dark room. He saw this horrible thing that he was sure was going to eat him, but he held fast and instead it gave him a big lick on the chops and was friendly! So the point is, where in the waking life can we do so much work in so little time? If that big white dog ate Steamboat in the physical, he wouldn't have learned the lesson about anger and fear. He was given a special opportunity to repeat a terrible emotion until he learned the message.

I remember being chased for years and years in my dreams by this really horrible man who was either trying to stab me or shoot me. So one night I stopped running and turned around and said, "hey, I'm really tired of running from you!" It wasn't until I stopped running from my fears that I was able to face them. I never had that dream again. If we aren't learning these lessons in the physical, they will surely come out in the astral (dreams, lucid dreams, etc). I had another experience where I was at this horse ranch and I wanted desperately to ride in this beautiful meadow which was off limits to visitors. I remember being very upset by this, but resigning myself to not being able to go. Then one of the gals on the ranch said that it was okay that I go ride on this meadow. I was so happy! I hugged her and said, you are so kind! It was at this moment that the scene stopped and the message was sent to me, "This is your step mother who had done you wrong in the physical, and is trying to repay some of her unkindness to you". I was so shocked that this kind woman was my step mother who was very unpleasant indeed while she was alive; I saw her working on her Karma and showing kindness to the woman she had wronged for years as a little girl. She died before she was able to undo her wrong; and was given a second chance to show love. After this experience, on another night, I went into the astral and asked to see her. She came to me surrounded in darkness and I said no words of harshness for how she had been, only sent her love and forgiveness. This chapter can now be closed.

We can also help others. Part of what they teach at the Monroe Institute is how to help lost souls. For example, someone may have died after spending 30 years in a home they loved; and they refuse to leave and to grow. You can take them to a healing place where they can be greeted by loved ones and start the healing process. These are just a few of the lessons that can be learned.

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