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Radio Waves

When I first heard music and voices while astral projecting, and within cord range activity (0-10 feet of my body) I thought I was perhaps reaching into the higher planes of the astral. I was wrong. What I was detecting was radio waves. I realized this when I recognized music that was played on local radio stations. The music I first heard was classical which is why I thought it might be higher planes, but when I heard pop songs, advertisements, and DJ's talking, I knew this was just regular radio frequencies. I even heard the time and was able to wake myself up and confirm that it was accurate. Once again, this points back to my topic on the "Filter Factor". So much is screened from our awareness while in the body. I have read, and have been recently told that "it's all about vibrations" and I'm thinking that is very true. Sounds, light, density, is all based on vibrations.

Another thought crossed my mind related to frequency and noise. 60 years ago (give or take) we didn't have radio and television waves coursing through our atmosphere. The mind was free from that static. Being that humans don't even know that our higher selves detect these waves, what, if any, is the price our selves are paying for all this noise? Is our stress level rising? Is this good for the soul to be bombarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by chaotic frequencies? We think that we don't hear anything when we turn off our radios and televisions, but that is far from the truth.

Another, more strange thought that crossed my mind is, how can we restrict unwanted frequencies that could be directed at us? Could waves, undetectable to the human ear and devices that transform waves into audible sound, be sent out to us to cause harm or influence? Could a group or entity manipulate us this way via subliminal messages?

For those who would like to read a bit of technical literature on radio waves, I've included a response to a question I had from a friend of mine who is in the radio business:

"In response to your question, I think I've done the same thing, but thought it was some type of audio hallucination. Often my wife listens to the Art Bell radio show during the early hours of the morning ( We sleep in different rooms since my work/study schedules are erratic. However, I can't hear hear her radio from her room since she keeps the volume low. But sometimes when I inadvertently go OBE (usually when very tired) I have heard the Art Bell show! Around here, we can hear him on 1100 Khz (AM) from Cleveland, OH and 101.5 Mhz (FM) Jackson, TN. (In your area, Art's on KOMO, 1000 Khz.) Or, perhaps I was somehow picking up the signal by electromagnetic induction directly from her radio.

Back to frequencies. Electrical power from the wall-plugs comes in at 60 cycles per second, 60 Hertz, abbreviated Hz. The frequencies that you can hear range from about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Now, 20,000 Hz is also 20 Khz (Kilohertz). Some of the lowest frequency radio transmitters (U.S. Navy) received by submarines are barely above that range, about 30 Khz to 100 Khz. There are probably some of these transmitters near Seattle, but they transmit morse code or digital data (classified/scrambled), NOT voice signals.

Between 100 Khz and 500 Khz are some experimental/amateur radio (160 to 190 Khz) and aeronautical beacon transmitters that transmit morse code and/or voice; there are probably some at Sea-Tac Airport. In Europe, some of those frequencies are used for broadcasting music programs, but it is extremely difficult to receive them here without large loop antennas and very sensitive longwave radio receivers.

From about 500 to 1800 Khz is the AM broadcast band; in the U.S., most stations are between 535 and 1600 Khz. Between 1800 Khz and 26,000 Khz are more amateur radio frequencies and international shortwave radio frequencies, many of which can be received all over the world.

Between 26,965 Khz and 27,405 Khz is the CB radio band. Now, 28,000 Khz is also 28 Mhz (Megahertz). Between 28 and 30 Mhz is the 10-meter amateur radio band. Between 30 and 46 Mhz are public service radio frequencies used by some law enforcement agencies. Between 46 and 50 Mhz are many older cordless telephones, baby monitors, etc. Between 50 and 54 Mhz is the 6-meter amateur radio band.

Between 54 and 88 Mhz are TV broadcast channels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Between 88 and 108 Mhz is the FM broadcast band. Between 108 and 144 Mhz are aeronautical frequencies used between airplanes and towers (Sea-Tac, etc.). Between 144 and 148 Mhz is the 2-meter amateur radio band. From 148 to 174 Mhz are more public service radio frequencies. From 174 to 216 Mhz are TV broadcast channels 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. 14 starts about 470 Mhz, channel 15 is 6 Mhz higher, up to channel 69 around 800 Mhz. UHF TV used to go to channel 83 but that was before cell-phone companies took channels 70-83 for their frequencies. Actually, cable TV channels do use the frequencies between VHF and UHF broadcast TV channels. I was looking at the wrong chart. I think 216 Mhz is at the top of channel 13 VHF TV. Also, there is no channel 1 on VHF TV because the 6-meter ham radio band is located there, but there is a channel 1 on some cable TV systems.

If you can identify what type of radio signal or radio station that you were hearing, that would be helpful. I would suspect AM broadcast band, because of the signal strength near the ground, particularly if there is a transmitter within a mile of your home. I know of people who have heard AM radio stations through their dental work, braces, etc. If the signal is very strong, and the dental work provides a semiconductive (rectifier) loop circuit, the radio signal can be "decoded," and the radio music can be conducted through the teeth, through the bones in the head, and into the ear. This has actually happened and is documented, though rare.

Back to OBE enhanced perception. I am extremely near-sighted and can't see things in my room once I take my glasses off. However, several times I have gone partially OBE and seen items in the room clearly (though gray and hazy, as if through a fog). Some friends have suggested perhaps I was asleep with my eyes partially open, but then everything would still have been blurry. I think my OBE body has equivalent senses to my physical body, but they may have a different range of perception; thus, you may be able to "hear" things at frequencies beyond normal hearing (e.g., radio stations or non-physical beings). For example, early one morning a few years ago, I heard a very clear voice say, "Robert Monroe died." I was about half-asleep at the time, but not OBE. I didn't find out until I got the Monroe Institute newsletter a month later that Robert Monroe had indeed died on that day.

I have also been able to perceive electric fields when OBE. For awhile, I had a negative-ion generator (electronic air cleaner) set up on a shelf above the head of my bed. It imposes a high-voltage electric field in the air to remove pollen, dust, etc. When I went OBE, I apparently drifted up into the electric field and felt as if I had been electrocuted; I was quickly thrown back down into my body.

Another time I "perceived" a TV program while asleep. I used to videotape our local UHF TV broadcast station, WLMT channel 16, on Monday mornings from midnight to 4 am because they broadcast science fiction programs like Outer Limits, Star Trek Voyager, etc. Anyway, I dreamed of a TV program about German Nazis in WWII (I had never seen that program before). The next day, I checked the videotape, and there was an episode of Outer Limits about a German Nazi who died in WWII and was reincarnated into another body in the present day; I think he was being haunted by memories from his previous life, or something like that. Was I actually "seeing" or "hearing" the broadcast signal, or did I perceive it by some sort of precognition? God only knows.

That's why I do believe you about perceiving radio stations. If possible, find out what station and type of signal/program you were perceiving, and then try to verify if a radio station was actually broadcasting that material during that time frame.

If you are actually perceiving radio signals, there may be a way to stop that. One of the research lab rooms at the Monroe Institute had the walls, ceiling, and floor lined with copper to shield against electromagnetic interference to the brainwave monitoring equipment. That's a bit drastic, but it might work. However, psychic "vibrations" are probably not electromagnetic, so it may not be possible to block ESP, RV, or OBE that way.

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