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Protection on the Astral Planes

Ok, I'm putting two topics in this week! Since I have received a lot of e-mails about people being afraid of entities in their presence, I have asked an astral e-groups acquaintance of mine to write up an article on dealing with negative astral entities. Clarissa is very familiar with getting rid of all negative astral entities (in your home or otherwise) and if your situation goes beyond the problem/resolutions listed below, I recommend contacting her personally, as this is out of my knowledge base.

From Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker HPs (

"People who are inexperienced about Astral Projection tend to have many fears about it. This is normal. The Astral Planes to the uninitiated is an unknown and humans tend to be fearful of anything not in their normal sphere of daily living. It is especially frightening to those who experience astral projection spontaneously and with no control. Weird things happen, weird feelings or sounds and touches; even while still in the body which can unnerve even "he-man" types because they have nothing in their past to reference this new experience to.

For those who want to learn and activate their training, their first experience can still be a bit frightening since this is not an everyday occurrence. However, it is rare for anyone, whether new or an old pro, to experience anything negative or harmful from the Astral Planes. Some would say it's the state of mind that you project from yourself when entering the Astral Planes. If you enter with unconditional love in your heart, have in your mind that things will go well and that you will have a wonderful spiritual growing experience, then this is exactly what will happen. Nothing can harm you since you are a child of the light. This is true for most people. Some never have had a single problem on the Astral Planes. And those that DO have problems, the experience mostly stems from not knowing what is going on, that others are also out and about and can come visit you whether they are conscious in doing so or not (and may or may not have a physical body at this particular time), or a teacher guide is awaiting you to acknowledge their presence. They'll come up to touch or speak to the people they are visiting for whatever reason, and without meaning too, scare the heck out of them. Or a spirit guide, familiar, or totem animal gets overjoyed that their mistress or master is awakening spiritually with conscious awareness, and accidentally in their enthusiasm overwhelm their friend and frighten them.

So many things can happen and for so many different reasons. The best thing to do when confronted with something you are not sure of, but KNOW it's out of the ordinary, is to stay calm above all else. Write it all down as soon as you can. Use your common sense once you have your fear in check to deduce what may or may not be happening. Go to several sources of books, sites, and people for further information. But again, use common sense in accepting anything as gold from the lips or text of anyone. What may be right and true for one person may not necessarily be right and true for you. And most importantly, listen to that inner voice. You will rarely if ever be wrong. Rare is the case of a true full blown astral attack from some negative person or entity. However, even if it was signaling something negative, you still have power and control at all times. The trick is to keep calm and do not feed it fear or anger. Negative emotions give anything negative power. Stay calm and KNOW that you are in control at all times. You are a child of the light and because of this wonderful gift you ARE protected. This is a fact of anything spiritual. You and only you have control. The Divine or whatever God/dess you give a name to gave you a gift of free will. This can not be taken advantage of or taken away from you by anyone. Here is your power.

Things you can do to avoid problems are to always make protective circles around you before attempting astral travel. Secondly, and most importantly.... psychic hygiene. If you are a clean happy person nothing negative would even want to get near you. Make it a habit to clean your aura before and after astral projection. Here are two methods:

Outside method: to cleanse, go outside, cast a simple circle and ground yourself from your root chakra to Mother Earth. Do a rhythm breathing [i.e. breath in on a five count, hold for three heartbeats, expel on a five count, hold for three heartbeats]. Center yourself. Hear nothing but your heartbeat. Feel the wind and then feel your aura tingle. Feel it crawl up your leg, swirling and getting stronger. See white energy coming from Mother Earth. Keep breathing and feel it climb, getting stronger as you expel breath. Feel the negativity leave into Mother Earth to be cleansed by Her. When you have felt the energy all the way up, see a golden beam from the sun shining down on you, cleansing all the dirt and negativity from your aura. Feel it cleaning, then feel it charging your aura, making it stronger and more energized. Then let the sunbeam go back and put your favorite shield up around you.

Inside method: this can be done anywhere anytime when you have a few moments of quiet time. See a white light around you. Breathe, relax, get really into it as much as you can. See two large white hands come down and gently start to clean your aura from your head all the way down, cleaning all the dirt and negativity away from all sides, all over, then see the white hands disappear and you'll feel all clean again."

Clarrissa/Spiritwolf Walker HPs,

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