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Astral Astronaut Article And My Dream Part Ii


So continuing on as I got the bottom of the black room of airy light space I entered the bottom chamber which was round like being in the bottom of Genies bottle. The space was where the gravity originates and it looked like the walls were black with bright colours mainly yellow, red, blue and green but the colours were never touching there were seperated by the black and on the floor was reflective water, rippling as I stood in it. The lights in there were getting brighter and it looked amazing in the round chamber with the water reflecting it.

When I had these dreams I only thought I was lucid dreaming not astral travelling but I knew it wasn't normal because it sits in that part of my brain that will never forget like when you experience something paranormal and you can still see it perfect

Unlike other memories. So as I was writing 'Astral Astronaut article and my dream part ii' had a thought, an epiphany if you will about what Black holes could be. I don't expect to be right but I do hope that someone with a science background be able to speak to me and either tell me if I'm speaking nonsense or if there is something to it.

So my theory is that black holes are function similar to the bottom of the ocean and brine pools; deep in the ocean cells get seperated unless you are full of the chemical trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) and like the ocean a black hole seperates matter and particles into it purest form. More of my theory in part iii... (website only let's me 1500 words)

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