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Anecdotal Myers (guest) in Ultraterrestrial Consciousness Abduction
I wasn't intoxicated for this. I drank alcohol the first time in my life a week before this happened. I said clearly that I hadn't done anything at all. You misunderstood.
How do I know when someone is trying to reach out to me and how do I try to reach out to them?
Astral Warrior (guest) in Attempting My First Astral Projection
Be brave friends, let go of the fear, as impossible as it seems in these initial phases. Read up on energy work and try various techniques.

I'm currently spinning myself out of my body, the centrifugal force literally sends my astral body out to the globe like surface the force creates around me. The faster I spin the larger the globe/surface. Just now I expanded to the edges of a very large room, and could feel the walls closing in on me my astral body was so huge.

Fear not the dark things either. While they're the seeds of what I knew as night terrors as a child, now at 39, and knowing how to project, fly, remain conscious, and fight with a potency these creatures cannot match, that sleep paralysis/vibrational tied fear has become thrilling extasy. It's all about belief in one's self and knowing you are a good person on a new spiritual frontier that you've earned. I believe in all of you. So keep facing it, I promise things will change if you do.

And work on remembering your shadow memory. Nothing wrong with suffering in the physical plane too, just as long as it's building your will to persevere. I think that's why it's finally becoming so far easier for me; I am finally a man that cannot compromise my honor and integrity for anything in this petty and materialistic world, nor am I able to stoop morally low even though everyone around me is.

I won't say it hasn't been far lonelier in the physical world because of it either, but the experiences I'm having in the astral are more than making up for it. Keep trying and be well all. And boy is it great to see others coming to terms with this thing much like I did throughout my childhood, and as a young adult into my 30s. We'll be waiting for you until you do.
unicron1000 (guest) in Just A Dream Or Something More?
I have read many of your articles, beginner's guide included, but it's never happened like this before.

Could it have been my grandfather reaching out to me? Is that possible? I thought Astral Projection was a WILLFUL OBE. I didn't try to do it.

But here is another question: Should I try this again?

Thank you.

- UnicRon1000
These are pre projection symptoms. I talk about the vibrations in the beginner's guide:


I have kind of the same problem, my Ex girlfriend has done it to me but I was actually able to see her. In truth you need to aim to control it. I have done it plenty of times too... But you need to learn how to control it. Since your emotions are in full control, you need to get a grip with them as well.

Geno H.
That sounds like your etheric body was sitting up. Though it's normally not visable, your friend may have still been somewhat in between sleep herself and seen it.

Thanks for sharing.
This happens to me a lot. I began to notice it after earthquakes. I would wake up at night ready to run out of the house. Then check the news to find there wasn't one. It also happens to me when I am just about to fall asleep or really zoned out. It can be disturbing at times, especially if you can't control it.
"I have never felt such evil in my entire life."

My response would have been to be more evil than what had presented itself to me. Humans have a frightening darkness inside of us but most people never use it. We can be true monsters if we need to be.
Grim (guest) in Demon In My Dream
Don't be afraid of your fears or they will overcome you. I have nightmares often of me running from something or knowing its there but it can't hurt you unless you let it. Stay positive ALWAYS even when you can't think of your most enjoyable moment
This is all classic pre-projection symptoms. You can read about it in the Beginner's Guide. Http://

You can also use the search function on the site for "vibrations" and the "Catatonic" state.

I fully believe you're projecting into another place
That an incubus is taking advantadge of u... Causing sleep paralyasis
Sorry for my bad typing in hospital having ruff AM
Plz don't let spellings and bad typing make me seem less into this...
An incubus might be problem...
I to had an experience like this. I was asleep in my grandfather's house. I had a dream that a girl pulled me out and we went into the attic. I've never been in there before. So as I went up there we looked out the window. She had really beautiful eyes. She walked me back to my room. It was the craziest thing I've experienced.
First of all, any spiritual experience must be done without drugs or alcohol for anyone to at least be able to discern it properly. The seers and sages warned of this long ago. Purity snd cleanliness are essential otherwise you were likely deceived more than having a truly awakening experience you can possibly trust. I believe your experience was real... Yet many are fooled when intoxicated simply because it is easy. Just be careful and take your experience for what it was in your state of mind and body at the time. I do appreciate your honesty though, as most people would never admit using intoxicants just to validate thete story!
During my second time trying AP I felt vibrations in my whole body and then while concentrating on those vibrations I heard a very strange noise and then everything was silent. I was able to feel my body it was feeling like I was stuck to my bed. I tried to pull my body up but I couldn't I don't know why... I want to know was I doing it right... And when do you think of separating your body while the vibrations or after the sound that I heard (high pitched sound).
robmkivseries70 in Another Dimension Or Time
Hi Kim, The first thing that comes to mind on seeing these is the term "Psychic Photography". People with this talent seem to have people from other dimensions along with balls and rods of light appear on film or on the digital pictures. If you have a camera, take a photo of a blank wall inside your house or apartment and see if anything else appears in the image.
Thanks Anne, I know now of course, lol. FYI, I have been working on the Silva Ultra Mind course at home and will try to add in the Remote Viewing via the instructions on the site. Thanks for posting.
I'm sure that's what it was. Projection is natural and mostly dismissed as a dream. I really like Robert Monroe's books on the subject. Glad you found this site and shared your experience.

For me this does not seem unusual. In my dreams I can change from one person to another often, but rarely for the entire dream sequence. The hard part is that often we only remember the last segment of a long and complex dream sequence. After dreaming to get more analysis try to remember everything that occurred

When we keep our minds clearer we can recall more of the sequences and events. And yes at least twice I have had dreams that were future visions. One was bad so I changed the future but only 67% of it but it was enough. Those types of dreams are not permanently set in stone. My Grandma had similar or perhaps greater abilities and taught all her descendants that future predictions can be changed if you unbelieve then.

I have also seen that even after something happens that the past can sometimes be altered which has surprised me.

I am unsure if either past lives or astral projection are real however, though both seem plausible possibilites I am contemplating.
The vibrations are part of the astral separation process though it's unusual to be aware of them during a lucid dream. We normally "sleep" through that process.

You were lucid dreaming but often lucid dreams are just disguised astral experiences.

Here's some good news and not such good news. The good news is that you used logic ("I'm dreaming so don't worry, let's do something cool like float") and the fact you even realized you were dreaming is significant. Some people go entire lives without ever questioning this! This is why most authors on the subject tell you to question whether you are dreaming while you are awake so you'll get used to asking.

The not so good news is that you let fear creep in and sabotage the experience. Like you said, you may or may not experience it again so each one is to be treasured. The only way to get over the fear is by educating yourself and doing this enough times that you realize you'll be okay.

There is a ton of free articles on this site. Do a search for the "Beginner's Guide" and start there, if you are interested.

Thanks for sharing!
I always say that we have doors in the physical to lock folks out but that is not so true in the astral! The nun sounds related to your mom and unless you talk to her to see why she is there, she may just be hanging out because she feels a connection of some sort.

Remember that like attracts like a hundred times faster in the astral. Positive thoughts and actions will draw that type of experience to you and the same with fear so if you can, try and develop control over your thoughts. I can't count the times I've converted something negative into positive just by changing my attitude about it.

You can also ask the nun to leave.

Paralysis is common with astral projection but it wears off, like you found out. Sometimes the connection with our spirit to our brains takes a few seconds to link back up and the body is still in the sleep slate, as a protection against acting out all our dreams. This is also known as Hag Syndrome and Night Terrors.

Thanks for sharing!
You can be lucid and vibrate. All astral projection does not stem from sleep, just generally. The goal is to vibrate heavily enough where you can easily lift or pull yourself out. If you're able to do this at will, then consider yourself lucky. To increase the vibrations I try and clear all my thoughts. The vibrations that are the strong ones feel like an 8.0 earthquake. They are unmistakable! In fact, I've often been fooled out of a projection because I thought for sure we were having a strong earthquake.

Neil, here is the Beginner's Guide:

As for your out of body experiences, you have to know that we are all spirits inhabiting a physical shell temporarily on the physical plane. From time to time we can exit the shell either through sleep, induced OBEs or bi-location when we are awake. Your temporary exit while you were walking was bi-location. Bi-location is generally a remote viewing term but it just means your consciousness was temporarily split. Astral projection is where your astral form detaches and travels on the astral plane. Bi-location is generally limited to the physical realm. When I remote viewed a blind target, I bi-located to it and was amazed at the whole process. I was literally there (the target unbeknownst to me was Stonehenge). I wrote some remote viewing articles under the RV link on this webpage.

The noises we hear when we project is highly varied. This is why I say no two projections are the same for anyone. What I will see and hear will be different than what you see and hear but sounds can include radio waves & spirits. We are all unique and each of us have our own personal vibration. Where your frequency is at determines where in the subtle realm you end up at. This is the whole point of most religions; be good in this life so you'll go to a higher place.

I read your experience on the link you provided. I find shadow figures and hooded spirits very interesting. If you search this site you can read my article on Shadow Figures (either this site or my psychic site). I have personally seen a spirit in the astral quickly put his hood over his face at night and of course you can't see them then because it's dark. I think spirits use cloaks just as a concealment effort, whereas shadow figures are glimpses of energy that we can't quite make out with the naked eye.

Hope this helps!
I KNOW I astral project. The old buildings I end up in the different color of the bricks and their cracks and the intense detail of the cedar wood panelling its way too much detail for a dream I seen pictures srangers had of a road trip out west where I had been but only in a dream state astrol state it looked justlike I saw it and places on the internet too I been onky in a dream astrol state
Neil Farren (guest) in When I Could See Myself Sleeping
Hey Anne, Just a question, Where is the beginners guide on this website? And you also explain more about what I experienced?
Oh- never mind, I've found it. Thanks for your great help, Anne! I'me also trying to figure out how to make this happen, so if anybody has any more information about this, the conversation doesn't have to end here!
- Following 😊
Thank you, Anne! Where can I find the Beginner's Guide? I don't see it.
-Following 😉 😘
This is pre astral projection. This is all covered under the Beginner's Guide that I wrote on this webpage. If you are interested in this subject, read the material there to get you started.

Thanks for sharing!
Hey there. From reading the story I think it could have been sleep paralysis judging by the fact you were paralyzed. You can google or bing sleep paralysis if you are not familiar with it. I hope that helped
What these are are "normal". Most people just don't remember it. I guess it comes down to now how interested you are in this and whether you will pursue the path of knowledge. Lots of free info here.

Thanks for sharing,
Hope you read this. But OMG, I had a very similar situation. I was sleeping on my friends couch, he was also sleeping on other end. I thought I woke up, however I could not move. And everything had a dark hue, the hallway light was on. I could move my eyes, or head, not sure, but I saw 4 beings in the kitchen. 3 were standing together, with robes & hoods on, no face or eyes. 2 were tall, one half the height. The 4th one freaked me out the most. It was short like the 3rd, hooded, no face, it must have noticed me looking at them. It moved twards me so very fast, perfect floating motion, it was the perfect height to be face to face with me, only thing separating us was the back of the couch. I remember being so frightened, but somehow I knew that if I used all my concentration and focused on moving my right arm, it felt like a long time and exhausted all my energy, but finally moved my arm, and it felt like I woke up for a second time, but this time light was normal and all 4 entities had vanished. My friend and 2 dogs were snoring away.
Nephi (guest) in Receiving Voices
I've also heard a radio station or a crowd of people talking.
voyagers 2: secrets of amenti, may have info about portals
I find that dreams are often more symbolic than literal (though some are very literal). Your dream of your dad was symbolic; truck, your dad, police involvement, issue at back of truck, stress). Your mom's situation is probably also symbolic as in "not well". But we all die so, it's just a matter of timing so eventually your dream will come true, but for now, I'd take the symbolic meaning, just to keep from stressing out too much.

Thanks for sharing.
Very cool experience.

I would love to hear of what you have to say pertaining to aliens. I have found few people with experiences/knowledge other than abductions. They have been a part of my life for awhile now but to what ends, I'm still formulating that.

I'm the author and editor of this site and the psychic one so if you post to either, I'll read them:-)

Thanks for sharing.
Yes, I am the author of this site. I think you could go to any library and pick up free books on remote viewing. I don't know of any free guides, per se, but all you need to know can be found either on the web or in books. I took a class from Dr. Wayne Carr years ago but that was not free. I think I have some remote viewing articles here too with some sample targets.

Good luck!
Hi, Anne.

Are you the one behind this site? Do you know a reliable remote viewing guide that can be found online?

I've been experimenting with astral projection but only got glimpses of it- it's hard to nail down totally, erratic results too. Remote viewing might be easier for me.
It's hard to know why the reoccurring visit to the tree line with the child. Is it you in a past life? Is the child you in psychological sense that you've abandoned an aspect of yourself? No one can know for sure because it's your story, path and experience.

Since you're able to project on the regular. Start working on your lucidity. Try demanding, "Clarity now!" And get focused on what you're really doing. Right now, your subconscious is running the show. Why not create an agenda? Ask to see a place or person of your choosing. Also, this web site is full of free info on astral travel, including a Beginner's Guide. You don't have to stay ignorant. Start educating yourself. What you don't want to have happen is that you do die, and you're still muddling around the astral without a clue.

Thanks for sharing,
I have never even heard this term and was astral projecting in all my house mates at the time and others and even my phone text messages were coming across as demons and I take my position and challenged them and dared them to come near me. I have no fear of the unknown. You can't either. I have been anticipating this moment in time since I was maybe 5. The knowledge I obtained from it was an urgency a real harsh reality that I was at a low vibration and was being challenged to take a look inside myself. It took time for me to come awake and I was clueless and my partner mocked me and it sent me to the very depths of who I am. I acknowledged the pain and let it go. Too busy following all this. I think you have the knowledge already of what happened and it's time to speak the truth. We have to speak up and assist with our own experiences to make this transition as smooth as possible for people. I wanted to add that this man that has caused me a lot of misery acted as a spiritual catalyst so realize everything happens for a reason.
Panda-94 in Realistic Dreams
Hi, I have been having those kind of dreams lately too... With a kpop singer too... I was about to share the story here but I ended up finding yours... I'm curious about more details now. If you're still out there, maybe you could tell me more if you're still interested?
Geraitsits (guest) in Confused And Scared Please Help
There is no way to be detached to your body until you actually die, period. You can always go to your body at will and I would love this to happen to me, just ask your spirit guides to come and take you to beautiful places in the astral realm trust me you will love it:)
Hi Julie823,

I have learned that we leave our bodies (astral project) while sleeping quite frequently. We doubt our experiences because it's easy to believe it's 'just a dream'. However, dreams are also a great way to unveil information buried in our subconscious. I admit I've never had a dream of being someone else, that's quite interesting. It does sound like the dreams could be related to past lives. Even if you're not sure of the meaning, they are fascinating nonetheless. Have you ever researched dream symbols? Maybe you could find some answers or at least clues with what you're experiencing. Also, it's a good idea to keep a dream journal. It will help establish a pattern (if any) and to keep track of your dream content.

Keep us updated, best of luck to you 😊
That's beautiful Mercury! I also believe your cat "visited with you". Thank you for sharing ❤
Hi there,

First, I wouldn't worry about anything negative. I wouldn't read those comments regarding demons, etc. It just causes fear when attempting Astral Projection which could prevent you from doing it. You should set your mind on having a positive experience.

Second, it does sound like you were close, but it's hard to know for sure as everyone experiences the initial separation process differently. Some hear voices (nothing scary, more like listening to a random conversation or person), a static sound, see lights or colors, feel vibrations throughout their body or only in their torso, head, etc. Everyone is different.

Start doing some research, there are some great tips and articles on this site. I can also recommend some authors if you're interested. Hope this helps!
What a lovely story. I'm sure that was your beloved cat Kashmere. I too lost a beloved pet and look forward to the day I see him again. What a blessing for you to have had the visit, pre passing on yourself. A true gift!

Like you, I don't fear passing either. So much unconditional love awaits us!
Thanks for sharing.
i saw exactly what you saw almost 10 years ago. Almost exact same experience. I was trying to see what it could mean and stumbled across your story. Same descriptions. Wiiild. I "woke up" and three of them were at the foot of my bed. Looked like dark brown robes and too dark to see their faces. There was also a black shadow there too. I tried to leave my room but I was "locked" in there and couldn't get passed my door so I went back to my body and woke up. I'm just as confused what they were doing there or who they are but is intense lol
It's hard to know for sure if those were your past lives or picking up on the lives of others. I personally have not heard of a person dreaming of so many different lives. Usually, it's a dream over and over about a particular time, often the most recent live. Perhaps you just have a thin veil between all your lives.

Before you go to bed, ask to your guide and higher self to show you specifically a past life. See if you see one or more of those events again. If you do close to that request, it probably is one.

Thanks for sharing!
I agree, let go of your fear. You will always come back to your body; either involuntary or voluntary. Maybe it's happening for a reason (nothing negative). It's actually an exhilarating experience, read up and enjoy 😊
If you can't control it and it keeps happening, why not work with it? For all your screaming and fighting it, you've gained nothing. At some point it would make sense to ask for protection and then go exploring. I would love it if this happened to me on the regular. You're afraid because you lack knowledge and the unknown is scary. So go read this webpage and start educating yourself. Sounds like a pleasant alternative to terror.
I still wonder if she really did "warn me". This is the only experience I've had like this. Sometimes I wonder if it was a strange coincidence and other times, I think, it makes total sense. The whole thing seems too strange to be true. And yes, I'm grateful for any contact with my mom ❤
I wrote about the catatonic state on this webpage. I think you can use the google search feature and look that up.

The astral is a bit like the physical. Here on earth we have the good, bad and the ugly. Why would that change after death? Evil people here are still evil people there. When we first leave our body we are at the lowest vibrational point. This is why it's more common to encounter low beings. As we learn to move to higher realms, and be "good" people ourselves, those types of encounters diminish.

The whole point of us being here in the physical earth plane is to evolve so that when we die we don't end up in "hell" which is basically just the lower planes.

I think that's great you got to make contact with your mom. Sorry it was about forthcoming sad news though.

Thanks for sharing.
I agree with AnneV, there is nothing to fear and definitely do some research. It does sound like you were out of body/astral projected, but sometimes it can be hard to control, hence the "wacky" scenarios and landscape. I've had the same thing happen if I'm not in control or not concentrating on being aware of my surroundings. It's sort of like your brain takes control and can't figure out what is going on Hahaha 😊

Do some research and forget about anything negative associated with the astral. Before I attempt it (or if I think I'm going to), I imagine myself surrounded by white light and ask my "Spirit Team" to keep me safe and to accompany me on any adventures. Your Spirit Team is whatever you believe in; Angels, Spirit Guides, Jesus, Family Members, etc. Whatever you are comfortable with. 😊

Don't worry if your experience turns into a nonsensical dream either, it happens. Don't give up! ❤
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We all astral project when we sleep and all manage to wake up. I have never found it to be dangerous and consider this "fear" either a wive's tale or religion based (not Eastern religions, more like Western stereotypes)

What you're experiencing is just the dream state where the subconscious mind has control, which always makes it a bit wacky. The trick to any kind of evolution is to educate yourself, practice, learn, & evolve. This webpage has tons of material to educate yourself on (and it's free!). Start there, especially with the Beginner's Guide if that's where your interest is.

Thanks for sharing,
CuriousDee in Receiving Voices
I've had the same experiences! Right before projecting, it has varied between what sounds like radio static and voices. Also hearing conversations going on; as if you are listening to a crowd of people. I'm able to "tune in" as well! Anything I've remembered seemed nonsensical though... Random bits and pieces. It feels like I'm eavesdropping, which is very interesting.

I have read that this happens because we are picking up on "astral debris". This debris can be from our own plane to several astral planes. It's a side effect of the body and soul "separating" before and after projecting, if that makes sense.

Glad I'm not the only one!
Hi there, I'm new to the site 😊

I spontaneously astral projected about 2 years ago. It was amazing. I remember seeing some strange images on my ceiling, lifting out of my bed, then zooming through my bedroom wall. I remember saying in my head, "Oh my God! It's real!" Lol I had thought Astral Projection/OBE was a bunch of bologna until it happened to me. Lol

After that first time, I sort of learned to do it on purpose (it's still a learning experience). The signs and/or signals it's about to happen have been many and changed over time. I've experienced the "jet engine roar", static (similar to radio static), voices, loud booms, etc. Nowadays, I hear and feel what sounds like an electricity zap in my head (not painful or scary). The voices never scare me; they sound like a conversation I'm eavesdropping on. Once in a great while I'm able to tune into one conversation and it has never been interesting Lol A few times I've heard what sounds like people cheering me on (my favorite!).

It sounds like from what you've experienced, your feeling and experiencing the signals you're about to project or are coming back. All very common 😊

I've learned there is definitely nothing to fear. If you encounter something that you feel is negative or scary, it's actually something you have projected. Meaning if you expect something scary, that's what you experience. Let go of any fear, expect to have an awesome experience. Ask whatever you believe in (God, Jesus, Angels) to protect you and accompany you on your adventures. As for myself, I picture a white light surrounding me and ask for my "Spirit Team" to protect me and accompany me.

I hope this helps!
AnneV in Help
I think it's hard to pinpoint exactly where a person's consciousness "goes" when in an altered state; Parallel reality? Just a dream? A precognition? There are no signs that say "You are here" so it's mostly conjecture, unless you can get some verifiable proof.

For such a peaceful scene, it's surprising you felt panicked. Maybe the clarity just spooked you.

I can't say for sure where you were but it sounds interesting!
Hi Becca,

I can relate. It hasn't happened to me for years now but it used to--a lot. It was always at the onset of sleep and was always accompanied by an evil presence that I could literally feel in the room--locatable in a general sense, but not visible. It is the darkest, scariest thing that has ever happened to me. The whirring sound is like what it's like to be at a train station when the express train goes by non-stop to somewhere else. I cannot move but I am completely awake. The powerlessness makes the fear factor that much worse. After several of these (like 15 over several months), I would just wait it out and eventually it would go away or I'd fall asleep, not sure. I didn't leave my body, but from what I've read it sounds like I was trying to!:) Would've been pretty cool. I'm less afraid of it now, but it doesn't happen any more. Hopefully, you'll log in and read this... Take care.
For those that have interest in this post, I want to provide input that might give a better perspective of my experience.

I was completely unaware that an out of body experience could include entering another person's living body. This reality was, to me, a complete unknown. I could not, and did not, conceive that such a thing was even remotely possible. I had read of demonic possession in the Bible and knew Hollywood had made horror films on the subject. I understood demonic possession to be reality. That one human spirit could depart their own body, and enter and occupy the body of another human being, was something that I had never considered. That notion was, simply, unthinkable. When this experience happened to me it was totally unexpected. I had involuntarily entered the world of a new reality.

The magnetic-like attraction that pulled twice to remove my spirit from my body is a complete unknown to me. Our love for each other was beyond words and mutual. Perhaps it was she who drew me into her body. It was not my intent to project myself out of body. I certainly was not trying to do so. That I experienced a spiritual trans-physical migration remains beyond words. It came as a complete surprise. When it first took place I was briefly disoriented. I was in a new body in the dark.

To inhabit another body is to undergo major change. Imagine the body builder thrust into the body of a ballerina, or vice-versa. You are still you in every sense and manner, but your new container is quite different. I had typical male upper body strength, though not a weightlifter. I was shocked at the difference in female upper body construction, and instantly understood why women the world over share the burden of carrying physical loads. My lady was very leggy, I am not. That difference was also immediately apparent.

When I returned to my body, the young lady was quick to react. With a surge of adrenaline she lifted me and tossed me to her right, as though I was a child. She was bewildered and defensive at having been so personally invaded. Because she behaved this way, I believe she did not initiate what happened. She asked "How did you do that?" I had done nothing and was as bewildered as she was. There had not been a thought in my head. I simply was filled with love. I literally was doing nothing but feeling, perhaps even radiating, love for her.

It has been more than 30 years since she and I shared this experience. Of all the experiences in my physical life, this was foremost. Only a near death experience was greater.

For me, the world stopped. Life went on for decades. I participated in it and experienced many chapters, but it was incidental and without full meaning or value. I have never been able to get completely beyond this brief, but live changing event. Two souls in one body shared what may be the ultimate intimacy. I do not expect to ever have closure or resolution.

Even greater than the intimacy, is the troubling knowledge that humanity is wrong. Humans generally know what is possible and what is not. We know what is normal, natural, and credible. To claim that one person can travel to and enter the body of another is unreasonable, irrational and unbelievable. To be thought a liar, or imbalanced and committable seems perfectly reasonable.

Mankind is wrong. Spirit/soul travel is absolutely possible. The truth and reality I had been taught was wrong. The impossible and inconceivable is, in fact, not only possible, but for me, my new truth and reality. And I cannot help but wonder, where else is mankind so mistaken and so wrong in its beliefs?

Please note and understand, I do not regard myself as special, talented or gifted because I experienced this example of out of body travel. The only thing that makes me different is that I am willing to speak about it. I think it would be wrong not to share this new reality with those that have an interest in such things.
I've read about this form of 'spirit' exchange but only as a hypothetical possibility. Learning about this from someone who's had a first-hand account is fascinating. I wonder if it ever happens between 2 closely connected partners with similar abilities?

You're an amazingly gifted individual. Thank you for sharing this with us.
I would add that if you are doing astral projection or any time when you are aafraid, yo u should always remember to use the name. And power of Jesus Christ. Even if you don't fully believe in him, he believes in you and loves you. Try this next time you feel scared and want out of oobe. I did and the entitiy immediatly let go of my leg and could wake up. There's power in Jesus name. Nothing trumps it in any dimension. I would stick to remote viewing and oobe but don't intentionally try to astrl trvl. You can bring things back with you that you can't get rid of.
I don't think the man you saw had anything to do with your astral separation. That came from your nap.

More times than not, what we see is neither positive nor negative but instead it's how we respond to it. Religion, beliefs, programming and other things push us in one direction or the other. I can't count the times that I thought something was frightening, only to let that go and find out it was all in my mind-set.

Thanks for sharing.
Well at least it was certainly a pleasant dream. Though we don't do dream interpretation on this site because every dream is individual to the person and the workings of their conscious and unconscious mind, I think your dream demonstrates that there are many dimensions and beings well beyond our physical one.

I think there are subtle realm beings and that if they feel an affinity to you, they can reveal themselves to you and even help you. I know because during a meditation, a gnome came to me and helped me win the daily lottery so I don't think we're nuts:-) Accept the blessing, be respectful of their existence and stay open for marvels.

I would say yes to it all, really. Multiple personalities can be just that. Most humans incarnate with a solid hold on their physical shell, but some do not. Just like most humans are born with a healthy body and have all their fingers and toes, and some do not. I don't know if anyone knows for sure how many souls can share a form, or if the original occupant opts for an 'out' and returns permanently to the astral, thereby leaving the squatters, so to speak, in residence. The good news is that those negative experiences are rare. I think what gave you the ability was your deep love for this woman. Being that love like that is generally only felt once in a lifetime, I doubt you're in for a repeat any time soon.

Have you read at all about remote viewing? If not, you may find it interesting. You basically did what is called "bi-location". This is where you can transfer your consciousness to any person, place or thing, and in any time. Some excellent remote viewers can even interact with their target environment.

Sure, this can be militarized, but it is again, very rare. Most humans spend their time working, pursuing money and sex, consuming at all levels and then dying. Few even get their brain waves out of so much as alpha while conscious, and the trend is getting worse. Society, especially western, is moving away from introspection. I wouldn't worry about it for sure. You're far more likely to suffer the ills of man from road rage, fraud, lying and cheating.

What's great is that you're even asking these question. I always tell people you are going to die and face the other side, whether you're educated on it or not, so why not get in the know?

I don't come here as often as I should (meaning this webpage) as I have about six, but feel free to write me at annemoss65 [at] if you have any more questions.

AnneV in Epic Fails
Start by reading the beginner's guide on this site. Your symptoms are just the beginning stages. From this point on you have to educate yourself if you want to take this to the new level.

Anonymous (guest) in Cold Ceiling
Yes, age 13. Spontaneous out of body experiences at bedtime. Began without warning and lasted 3 to 6 months, then just stopped.

I shared a basement bedroom with my slightly younger brother. I would lay down, then be out of body and floating. The basement had a second room with an old coal furnace. Very spooky but somehow attractive. Big pipes carried heat throughout the house. Curious, I entered one of the pipes near a heating grate and passed right through a wall. Another time I went through the roof into the open air.

After that experience I was off and running... So to speak.

I told my brother about this and he laughed. He had been doing it before I started.

Have had OBEs as an adult and, believe it or not, once entered another persons body involuntarily.

Thank you very much for your rapid response and the perspective you provided. That experience had troubled me for more than 30 years. I know such things are possible, having experienced it personally. That you understand what happened is a significant relief. I never thought myself mad; I certainly developed the opinion that others are unaware of what is possible.

There is a part 2 that has also been disturbing, and you have already identified it.

I realized shortly after my unusual OBE that if it happened to me, it can, and likely has, happened to others. The closed doors of my mind were pushed ajar by a new reality. What immediately came to the fore was the possibility of possession. The possibilities included human or demonic. Then the question arose, how many spirits, human or otherwise, could reside in 1 body? Also, can they be removed and how would this be accomplished? Can the original occupant permanently lose control? This all brings to mind the biblical story of the madman possessed by a legion of demons.

Shifting gears, what about modern psychiatry? Could multiple personality disorder actually be multiple personalities or energies occupying the same container? The learned doctors could conceivably be wrong, at least in some cases.

On a smaller scale, could there be a minor entity (for lack of a more specific or accurate term) attach itself to a person that negatively influences a person's behavior or personality traits?

Further, it would appear possible that very primitive people could have this knowledge and be able to use it to their own ends, especially within their own culture. Modern mankind, with their world advanced into the digital age, would generally not believe such things to be possible.

Could this ability be controlled and weaponised to attack a target? What initially comes to mind would be crimes of passion, such as jealousy or revenge. Perhaps this would be effective within the undeveloped superstitious cultures of voodoo and juju?

Not that I wrack my brain with questions unanswered. But I must say that the status quo of possibility made a significant shift in my mind.

I do not ask you to answer these questions, nor is this a rant. As I mentioned earlier in this commentary, the absolute personal knowledge of cross-body travel prompted new thoughts, some of them a bit vexing. I see potential and possibility but am unaware of a defense mechanism or a cure.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and your initial help. You are much appreciated.
I have read your story with interest. It has similarities to my first out of body experience (OBE) at age 12 or 13. Here, at the outset, I will mention that I think this is a perfectly natural experience. I have taken the simplified view that we are not our bodies and our bodies are not us. We are, for a time, co-located. This has been helpful in grasping the how/why it is possible to leave your body.

My first OBE, and many others, happened right after going to bed. I simply found myself afloat in the air in wonderment. A bit of experimentation and I found how to control movement and direction. All of these early experiences were involuntary.

Later on, I found that relaxing after going to bed resulted in an OBE. Not to split hairs, I simply do not recall ever trying to have an OBE. I just discovered that deep relaxation resulted in an OBE.

OBEs were delightful fun, rich in a sense of exhilarating freedom. I also was drawn to the ocean but was very afraid to be over it at night. I finally crossed it after several attempts, drawn by some distant destination. Shore and ship's lights were visible but much of the ocean was completely black. I could also see other travelers in the OBE state.

I finally told my younger brother about my OBE experience. I was quite reluctant to do so, feeling the fool. He laughed at me in a stinging, rather condescending way, and I felt a confirmed fool. Then he told me OBE'd every night, and had been doing it for quite a while.

OBEs ended for me as abruptly as they began. For me they lasted no more than 3 or 4 months, then stopped. I have no idea why.

Later in life I had an OBE that I believe began while I was in a dream state during the night. This included remote viewing as I witnessed 2 men attacking and attempting to kill my brother. He was in Hawaii, I was in bed in Virginia. I met with local police in Hawaii who confirmed everything as I saw it.

Another OBE resulted in my leaving my body to enter the body of my girlfriend. You can find the details of that story published on this site.

A third event, a near death (like) experience, took me to an unknown destination to be confronted regarding my conduct.

I also have pre-birth memories that are quite clear.

OBE's are not my professional field, nor a subject of great personal interest. Once you experience one, however, an interest quickly develops.

As you have asked for input, I thought it would be appropriate to respond with the experiences I have had. I hope you find this helpful, and that you regard yourself as a normal young woman who has enjoyed a remarkable experience.
I don't think it's a sign per se, more like opportune circumstances. You just happened to be in the right physical state. It then happened again because it is now on your mind. The significance will be what you make of it. Will you pursue this or leave it behind as an interesting but temporary experience? You can make this as life changing as you want it o be, or become frightened and shut it down completely.

There is always fear around astral projection because it is a total unknown and unusual things happen. Even if you watched the happiest movies and was of the most positive disposition, you'll still experience fear on occasion. I'll give you an example. You could be "dreaming" and then go fully conscious and start to spin your body in the dream (a technique I sometimes use). This can then trigger the separation vibrations which feels like a 8.0 earthquake. Trust me, you'll feel fear. Or you can hear loud noises that sound like gun shots, shouting, etc. This is all written about on this webpage which is why I encourage people to read it all. At least with knowledge you'll be in the 'know' as to what might happen. No one experiences the identical experience of another because we are all unique. However, similarities do exist which is helpful to know.

I spent years accumulating knowledge and writing this web page. Take advantage of that and read it as you have time. There is a lot of essential data here.

Good luck!
Hi Anne!

Thank you so much for your reply. I was a bit confused because of how I didn't see my body and never actually felt separated from it that I had an "out-of-body" experience.

I feel like a changed person. It's like being able to believe in Santa Claus again... Only better! Ha ha.

I had forgotten that as a young teenager I had been given a book on astral projection from a therapist I had been seeing and as soon as my mom (a devout Catholic) found the book it was taken from me and I never saw the therapist again... Your comment about people thinking it's a sin made me remember that.

But it's been a good 25 years... And I wonder why it would be considered a sin.

Two more questions... First: the other night I was in bed waiting for my husband to finish his shower so we could watch our TV show. I realized I was again floating but just around my bed. When he got out of the shower I woke up. After he fell asleep later that night, I wanted to try to get back, so I turned off the TV and started trying. I immediately felt scared. We had been watching a murder mystery (we are fans:) and I wanted to know does your state of mind matter as to what kind of an experience you have? I got scared that I would see scary things in the dark and I didn't want to.

Also, I understand your explanation of why it happened to me, as I am just a spirit within my body, but why now? What could the significance mean? Is it a sign? Have I reached some point psychologically or philosophically?

It just doesn't feel random to me.

Thank you again for your response, Anne. And thank you for moderating this venue. It's been wonderful to read others' experiences and mind blowing how different they all are.

Happy travels!:)

You have to start educating yourself. I specifically say not to bother at night. To project, you have to develop the ability to put the body to sleep, yet keep the mind from drifting into a dream. Read the Beginner's Guide on this site. Everything you need to know is on this site but you have to be committed enough to read through it.

The warm and relaxed state of being allowed a temporary separation (this is "how" it happened). I always say that you shouldn't even bother to try an OBE at night because you'll just fall deeply asleep, but sleeping in or a relaxing nap is great. As for "why" it happened, that's because you're a spirit inhabiting a physical shell and every so often when we set up the proper environment, the natural thing happened. It happened because it's normal. As a society, we are just closed down to that "normal" because of old dogmas.

Isn't it great to leave not only the body but the temporary dramas of our life? When I have gone to the higher astral planes and have come back, I feel that this physical plane is so dark and dense in comparison. You were given a wonderful glimpse into what is inherent to us all. We can all learn how to leave our bodies but most people either don't believe it, think it some sin or can't be bothered to put in the work.

If you want this to happen again, start doing your research. This webpage is full of free articles, including a Beginner's Guide. Start there.

Have a great day.
I'm sure it was the intense bond between you that allowed that merger. We are more than our physical bodies. We are souls that inhabit a shell for a short duration while here in the physical. It is not common to temporarily inhabit another body (the world would be a mess otherwise!), but as you found out, it can happen. This was a positive merger between two lovers but many a movie has been made from the opposite-- possession. Though it's unlikely this will ever happen again to you, you were given a rare glimpse into the spiritual world. You now can't say with honesty that you don't know the spirit can detach from the body or that two souls may perceive the same physical shell at the same time. There is so much more to our plane of existence than what meets the eye. You just but scratched the surface, and leave it to love to be the bridge. Wonderful gift you've been given.
Thanks for sharing.
Anne, Thank you for the kind words. I am always grateful to be able to share this experience.
Best regards,
I'd say the closest thing to that would be a past life. We all have past lives somewhere as someone and may feel an affinity towards that person/place. It would be fun for you to visit there some time.

What a profound experience! And how fortunate you got to experience that.
Thanks so much for sharing.
It's hard to say who the woman is (a woman from past lives wanting to be near you, a guide, who knows for sure).

I rarely eat when I astral travel. Smell is low too.

What's next is to do more research. This web site is full of free info. Start with the Beginner's Guide. That should help.

I think you were entering the astral, but the lower one and you had no control. Before we learn how to control our thoughts and environments in the astral, the subconscious pretty much controls the show. The cocktail of drugs you took helped getting 'out' but again, all it got you was in the mish mash of lower astral where thoughts and things are swirling around like a bad soup. But at least it's eye opening!
Thanks for sharing.
livia (guest) in Help With Astral Travel
I have tried astral projection for about 4 months, I have experienced very strong vibrations but I still don't have an OBE mainly because I have trouble with breathing when the vibrations start. My body just starts breathing really fast and I feel like I'm not getting enough air even if I try to relax, I always end up waking myself up with a big sigh. If anyone has had this problem or knows how to stop it please tell me
Linkinparkakash in My Obe Experience
Oh, thank you very much for your comment, it made me happy, I will follow your advice, and do you really feel that I'll be a good astral traveler? Thank you very much for that I'm so glad to hear that.
I have a friend who has described a similar figure she's sees, she said he looks like the slenderman also, very tall, very slim, but she's told me that he is her spirit guide, says that he is very respectful of her; she even asks him to leave her bedroom while she's sleeping and he respects her wishes.

My friend has told me she's been able to see sprits around her all her life, and when she was young, it used to terrify her, but she's gotten used to it as she gets older. As far as I know, she hasn't experienced any Astral travel or had an OBE, but she still see's the "man in black" or the "slenderman" figure, but describes him as her spirit guide and not a person to be afraid of.
Ankitresearcher in My Obe Experience
Trust yourself, have some shielding and protection and if possible increase the frequency of your meditation!

I feel you will be a good astral Traveller!
Thanks for sharing the experience!
Ankitresearcher in My First Obe
It was a very beautful experience that you shared!
I feel you are learning the skill step by step!
Its naturally coming to you!
Best of luck!
Protection is important too please have it and enjoy!
I can help you. This "spirit" is either a demon or satan himself. I had about same thing happen to me. How to make him go away? Simple. Recite prayers to God and have a cross in your house, perhaps in your living room. This is what worked for me
Usually the label for leaving the body while awake is bi-location. This relates to remote viewing and when you get full target contact you can bi-locate to the destination (person, place or thing) and even interact with the environment. But I think at this point labels are just that. Whether it was bi-location or an OBE, you still separated your consciousness from the physical shell. It's very rare but it does happen. It was probably caused by the shock of seeing the boy. But a very cool experience and I think it's awesome how it opened up your paradigm about what "reality" is.
Rich S. (guest) in Cold Ceiling
I had the same experience as a child. I would take naps on the couch and gaze at the tiled ceiling above me. My eyes would cross, creating an optical illusion of the tiles doubling up. Soon I would be bumping against the ceiling.
These experiences stopped around age 12 and I thought nothing of them at the time. However in later years as I became interested in the OBE, I realized these experiences for what they actually were.
Linkinparkakash in My Obe Experience
Thank you very much for your comment it helped me, and I've researched about my experience and I found out it was astral projection, and I'll gladly take your advice for love and compassion to eliminate my fear. And thank you so much for help! Namaste!
Chaski (guest) in My Obe Experience
Trust yourself! It seems there is something to be learned from this. And your OBE seems like astral projecting to me! Read about other people's astral experiences and compare what you relate to. Meditation on the person you saw may help you. Even though it is scary, the you can overcome the fear if you approach the situation with love and compassion.
Dreams can mean any number of things but they are unique to all of us so you really can't interpret another person's dream because it could be affected by your (not mine or anyone else's) past life, karma, future, life history, subconscious, etc. I recommend you keep a dream journal because trends to develop that can help you figure out what this means. I can't count how many dreams I forget and how many come true and if I did not have years of journals to reflect on, I'd be missing out on huge chunks of data.
Thanks for sharing.
Mandy (guest) in Cold Ceiling
That sure sounds like astral projection. It's very similar to what others experience.
Ashley (guest) in A Parallel Universe
Very interested story, Scott! I had a dream about a year ago where I was in a huge soccer field in my hometown, so many people were there as well, almost the whole town it seemed. We were all looking at the helicopters and planes in the sky, then suddenly one of them dropped a bomb behind us, so the whole town was running away. That's when the dream become crazily vivid. I remember staring down at my feet watching them move, running, panicking, fearing for my life. Then SWOOSH! I started floating upwards. I could see the whole town running then I appeared in a dark void for God knows how long. Then a voice came to me. It wasn't exactly a voice but more like a telepathic feeling speaking to me, from another soul. It said "you have just passed. I'm sorry, it will all be okay now. You will go into another life." I panicked & cried for about 5 minutes only it seemed. I was only upset because I never got to tell anyone bye... But then I quickly (somehow) got over it. Right when I accepted the fact that I was dead, I woke up in bed. The dream was so lucid, I thought I was having a joke played on me when I woke up alive, in bed.
Hello. You just touched the surface of the astral. There are many levels to it, but that's no different than humanity in the physical. You have low vibrating humans, mid and high vibrating humans. None of that changes when you die (shed your physical shell). You migrate to the plane that corresponds with your frequencies. That's the whole point of most religions; be good so you go to a higher place, regardless of what you call that "higher place". If you hang out in lower levels, of course you'll attract what is there. You have to work on raising your own vibrations so that you can simply move beyond that to the miraculous higher levels that are mind boggling beautiful. Prayers of protection are great but your overall spiritual essence should be high. "As above, so below", "like attracts like" and all that.

We are here on this earth for but a blink. It behooves us to spend time doing what we can to be of the purest, good self. No money, career, political or religious affiliations necessarily takes us to the next level. But love, kindness, tolerance and forgiveness does. Nothing new here.

No matter the path you took in this life, it taught you something, if even where not to go. Your mind is open and I think if you endeavored, you'd find some very rewarding experiences await you.

Thanks for sharing.
Oh, that was good experience, Hi, I'm also 19, and I had astral projection several times.
Here are the answers of your questions.
1. Did I really astral project?
Ans: Yes, it was astral projection where your soul/spirit/astral body left your physical body entering into 4th dimension.

2. Did I experience the darkness and go to a lower astral plain because of the fear she gave me?
Ans: Umm, I'm not sure about the darkness part, but if you were afraid you are much likely to be encountered by lower dimensional beings.

3. Now that I don't fear a lot, will I still go to lower astrals?
Ans: No, if you don't fear, you will not go to lower planes, you just need to keep your vibrations high by positive and beautiful or happy thoughts and try to avoid fear, if you fear, you will likely to be encountered by lower dimensional beings, but you don't have to be afraid of anything because they can't harm you, your fear is the only thing they will use to harm.

4. If I astral project now what's next after leaving the body and would I be in this dimension or would I instantly travel somewhere else and see demons.
Ans: Teleportation is possible by astral body so you can go anywhere you want, and do not be afraid of encountering demons, you can ask your spirit guides or God to ask protection and simply ask demons to leave and don't be afraid.

5. Why was my consciousness so low that I didn't know I wasn't awake?
Ans: Umm, Maybe because you didn't have that much knowledge what's happening that time, but now you know, so you will be aware next time you project. do I raise my level of consciousness?
Ans: You can practice meditation to raise the level of consciousnesses, just be aware of your existence, feel your whole body, feel the environment, and say in your mind that "I'm aware" while meditating or attempting to astral project.

7. How do you know if you're astral projecting instead of lucid dreaming?
Ans: You will feel your spirit/astral body/soul leaving your physical body, literally lifting and when you come back you will feel that it's returning, pay attention to that feeling because lucid dreaming doesn't have this...

I hope my answers will be somewhat helpful to you, thank you for posting your experience, God bless you, stay safe and positive.
reabrah (guest) in Lower Vibrational Parasites
did that thing made any sort of physical contact with you, I mean just being practical cause I have heard these kind of things is it true?
Prateek (guest) in Lower Vibrational Parasites
Come to india Practise meditation on the very Beautiful Kasol Hill The Energy Here Is so Pure And Good That You Might Be able to Beat these Lower Vibrational Beings
You may have narcolepsy. Look into it. I still feel like it's a good thing spiritually but meds help me manage in the real world so I can get deep sleep
Giselle (guest) in Help With Astral Travel
I have been projecting for years now (20 +) first started unintentionally now I can do it whenever. It is different for everyone, but for me laying in a room that is not your bedroom (I am always able to in my living room) I lay flat on my back, arms on my chest with fingers locked, my legs crossed at the bottom and the TV on low. Low enough to hear the noise, but not high enough to hear what is being said. For me this creates white noise for my mind to concentrate on and nothing else. Then usually will go into AP.
MOZR505 in Receiving Voices
Thanks Anne for reading! I read the filter factor, but it seems to be about just radio frequency. I'm hearing other people as well. However this is a great starting point for me in my experience. You've been a big help...thanx!
One question I forgot. How do you know if you're astral projecting instead of lucid dreaming? 🤔

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