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I've always experienced and believed in supernatural stuff like seeing a halo of ghost disappearing, feeling someone's presence behind me and even smelling very strong frangnaces out of nowhere but the thing that is recently bothering me is this this dream but before telling you about that I want to add that no matter what I always remember my dreams with each and every detail which is weird but what is strange is that they always come true.

Okay so I saw that I was in a car with this famous kpop singer holding hands and the scene changed and he droped me at my home I asked him for my cellphone and he said that the battery is dead. I ask him to give it to me again and I grabbed his wrist and pulled him on the stairs and he kissed me. The dream was so real that even I felt his saliva in my mouth and my lips moving. And when I wokeup I clearly remember my lips moving in actual. I heard that if you're thinking subconsciously abt something that thing can also appear in your dream but that night/day my mind was very clear. The thing as I've said before is that my dreams 90% do come true. I've seen deaths and other stuff that happened in reality so I just wanted to know if someone can interpret this dream for me because it has been on my mind and kind of bothering me. P.s his mouth tasted like he smoked which is seriously more weird for me since I've never kissed someone since I'm a muslim girl and don't know what it tastes like when you kiss a smoker but it felt that way if you can understand.

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Panda-94 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-22)
Hi, I have been having those kind of dreams lately too... With a kpop singer too... I was about to share the story here but I ended up finding yours... I'm curious about more details now. If you're still out there, maybe you could tell me more if you're still interested?
AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2017-10-27)
Dreams can mean any number of things but they are unique to all of us so you really can't interpret another person's dream because it could be affected by your (not mine or anyone else's) past life, karma, future, life history, subconscious, etc. I recommend you keep a dream journal because trends to develop that can help you figure out what this means. I can't count how many dreams I forget and how many come true and if I did not have years of journals to reflect on, I'd be missing out on huge chunks of data.
Thanks for sharing.

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