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Please be patient with me as this is my very first post:)

Let me preface with I have always been different. Even at a young age my Grandma told me that I was different than others and that made me more special. Well, I have obviously seen spirits that sort of thing but this is ENTIRELY different.

Let me start at the beginning and I will try my best to make this short. My Grandma was 82 when I was born and I lost her when I was 10. In those years she ALWAYS told me about our family. Her parents and so forth. She gave me a book and told me to put it up and keep it safe and said it was our Houston family tree book. At the age of 15 I started doing ancestry work on my family to go back further than what the book had. My 5th great granddad was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Go back two more generations and my 7th great granddad was born in Houston Scotland. Fast forward to now. About 4 months or so ago I began to have a very strong pull to Ireland and Scotland. I've always said I wanted to go there for ancestry sake but nothing more than that. So 4 months ago that pull started and it's more than the I want to go there. It is deep in my soul. Well, a month ago there was this song that popped out of my head out of nowhere and I can't get the song to STOP! It is constant. Even while I am typing right now I hear it being sung! So, I thought to myself this morning that I would find out what the song was and then I'd listen to it then I could get it out of my head. I initially recognized the tune but didn't think anything else about it until this morning because I had reached my limit with it. After thinking hard I remembered where I heard the tune from. A show from 3 years ago and it was only played for 5 minutes in that show. Maybe less. When I found it I decided that since I had a moment of quiet I would listen to it. Well, I did just that and got really freaked out afterwards. The song starts out very soft and then about 18 seconds into it they begin to sing then around 1:33 into the song these drums merge with the singing. When the singing began I was moving over what appeared to be water and the water was moving about and it was a little dark but the edges of my view was black. Just the middle was visible. Then all of a sudden I am looking at a young woman on a hillside and she's wearing a dress (not of the 21st century) it was a dark green and she had a tartan on her and she was looking out into field. Once the drums kicked in on the song I was the woman and I was somewhere else. (I saw stones in front of me and it was in a spiral pattern) as the drums were playing I bent over with my arms out in front of me and I saw I wasn't alone and there were other women and they were wearing white dresses. Once the song ended I opened my eyes and was home. I decided to see if I could find the place. The tartan the woman was wearing had a brooch type clasp and by the details on the brooch I could tell she was in Scotland. So I took that information and put it with the other details and discovered that the place was the Stone circle beneath Castle Ewen at Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye. Can someone help me understand this? This constant pull to go there on my soul and the music and experiencing what I did during the song. Thank You so much!

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AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2017-12-19)
I'd say the closest thing to that would be a past life. We all have past lives somewhere as someone and may feel an affinity towards that person/place. It would be fun for you to visit there some time.


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