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Ultraterrestrial Consciousness Abduction


This may not be the beginning of my story, but this experience, so far, is the source and center of all that I am in this life, and it is definitely the beginning of my awakening. I will continue, after this experience, to write about the myriad other encounters with God and thee Ultra-Natural I've had. I will tell you about my telepathy/premonitory experiences on the psychic experience website, I will tell you about my shamanic healing ventures, I will tell you about how the symbols all come into play, how the occult and esoteric world of real magic is turning me into a veritable power-plant of psi energy. I will show you highly sophisticated, intuitively advanced free-flow tai chi. I will speak of aliens, the ufo phenomenon and how it relates to ascension and the shadow government, including my involvement with mkultra and the superman program. I will reveal much through the unfolding of my story on these archives. Please feel free to contact me. One Love.

This experience was the realest, most vivid, lucid experience I have ever known. It was NOT a dream. I was 15. For the duration of the day I felt quite ill, but it wasn't just a strange nausea, it was euphoria, I felt like their was an energy saturating or infusing me with something very positive. I remember at one point lounging in a chair just blissed out feeling strangely nauseous and unusually good. One week before the experience, I had gotten drunk for the first time. I have had no prior experience with any drugs at this point, though afterward I would go on to experiment with all the psychoactive alkaloids I could get my hands on as a means to quest for more visions in the search for a solid understanding of what the heavens happened that night.

So I went to bed. The first part of this experience is me appearing at lightspeed going through the center of this portal. It's only my point of consciousness though, the imperceptible point that is the center and the circumference, that point that is god within. No thought, just pure clarity. So it was as if I was going forward, lightspeed, through the center of this portal, yet was perfectly still (the secret to time travel).

I need to emphasize the colors. There was only color surrounding the center that I was fitting through. By the way the center was akin to fitting your camel through the eye of the needle that it talks about in the bible. That impossible transcendence of death, which I can tell you is possible. Consciousness exists after death. Anyway, these colors were all pure, they were all vivid and bright, and they were ALL the colors. As I was going through this portal I was witnessing colors that I remember registering somehow, even without a sense of mind, I think my physical brain registered a memory of these colors, and that they are colors you can't perceive with the naked eye, but I saw them!

So this portal seemed to be out of time, like eternity, and in an instant, I am above my body in my bedroom. My body is awake and sitting up looking around, but me, my point of consciousness is like 3 feet above and 2 feet to the right of my body. I am seeing every atom of my environment glow with clear blissful intensity. A light so pure, the word pure couldn't do it justice. So my consciousness turns to see, at the end of my bed, a perfect oval portal of pure white light, so brilliant I can only describe this white light as God. The portal was from the floor to the ceiling, it had an outer rim of light blue shining outward, as if this portal was all matter, all things manifesting itself as a living portal in front of me, as me, providing me with this blessed benediction of pure clear love light.

It was a living portal! It communicated with me a mnemonic phrase to access the immense download of light I received from it. That phrase is Anecdotal Myers.

Then I woke up and wrote that down on my wooden dresser with a pencil.

Anecdotal Myers

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Anecdotal Myers (guest)
5 years ago (2018-08-09)
I wasn't intoxicated for this. I drank alcohol the first time in my life a week before this happened. I said clearly that I hadn't done anything at all. You misunderstood.
AL (guest)
5 years ago (2018-06-23)
First of all, any spiritual experience must be done without drugs or alcohol for anyone to at least be able to discern it properly. The seers and sages warned of this long ago. Purity snd cleanliness are essential otherwise you were likely deceived more than having a truly awakening experience you can possibly trust. I believe your experience was real... Yet many are fooled when intoxicated simply because it is easy. Just be careful and take your experience for what it was in your state of mind and body at the time. I do appreciate your honesty though, as most people would never admit using intoxicants just to validate thete story!
Me Yo (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-09)
I KNOW I astral project. The old buildings I end up in the different color of the bricks and their cracks and the intense detail of the cedar wood panelling its way too much detail for a dream I seen pictures srangers had of a road trip out west where I had been but only in a dream state astrol state it looked justlike I saw it and places on the internet too I been onky in a dream astrol state
AnneV (79 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-03-28)
Very cool experience.

I would love to hear of what you have to say pertaining to aliens. I have found few people with experiences/knowledge other than abductions. They have been a part of my life for awhile now but to what ends, I'm still formulating that.

I'm the author and editor of this site and the psychic one so if you post to either, I'll read them:-)

Thanks for sharing.

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