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Out Of Body - Into Body - And Back Again


1986/87 - Northern Virginia

I had met a young woman at work. It was an accidental contact, really not more than a glance. Perhaps it was the soulmate thing that attracts so much interest. It was instant mutual attraction, if not love itself. Looking back, I loved her then and love her still.

We quickly became lovers. It was a consuming, all encompassing shared experience that became overwhelming. For me, it was as though the sun was rising when she entered a room. That description is more literal than figurative. She seemed to bring light with her and the room would brighten as she passed through the doorway.

We shared an active sex life that was delightful and mutually fulfilling. We were completely satisfied with each other. I learned the remarkable difference between sex and sex with someone you love. I did not know how significant this was to become. More than 30 years later I am still troubled by one experience I cannot forget.

We had enjoyed making love one afternoon and when finished lay in bed, still physically connected. I was lost in a world of my own, filed with love for this woman. There seemed to be no thoughts in my mind. I was not thinking I loved her, it was more the emotional act of radiating love for her. I was simply filled with love for her and actively in the process of loving her. There was nothing else in existence for me at that moment in time.

I felt a draw, a magnetic pull or attraction upon my spirit, my very being. That pull was quite noticeable and lasted 3 or 4 seconds, then stopped. In 5 or 10 seconds it began again. Then there was a gentle pop and I was out of my body and into hers. It was like shooting a strong rubber band off my thumb when I was a child, though with the least possible tension, the rubber band traveling only a few inches.

I was utterly shocked by this out of body experience and momentarily bewildered. I saw nothing and believe we both had our eyes closed. The difference in our bodies was amazing to me. It was not the difference in genital arrangement or the fullness of breasts that struck me, but the frail nature of her upper body and the length of her legs. I realized immediately the difference in upper body strength and was quite taken aback by what I felt.

At that point I sought to explore and began to feel about, to test the differences. As I began to do this I felt another draw. This was different. I felt the tension increase over 4 or 5 seconds without letting up. Then there was a pop, almost audible, and much more pronounced. I was back in my own body. The full experience taking perhaps a minute, possibly less.

This rather slender 22 year old young woman lifted me off of her and threw me to her right, near to the edge of the bed. She rolled over and spoke urgently into my ear through gritted teeth, and said "What was that?" She was frightened and agitated. She calmed, then asked "How did you do that?" She clearly knew I had been in her body with her.

I have often thought back over the years, and compared this experience to 2 smokers exhaling smoke through their own straws into a shared bottle. Perhaps our spirits or souls blended as smoke in a bottle would have. Now I wonder, were we just 2 spirits in a shared human container? I do not know the answer to my own question.

I want to know how this happened. It is as though time stopped and I cannot get beyond this experience.

I have had out of body experiences in the past. They always happened at bedtime and were involuntary. I have been out of body in lucid dreams, once witnessing an attempted murder that was later confirmed by police.

My hope is to learn how I entered another persons body. Can you help?

Thank you.

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Anonymous (guest)
6 years ago (2018-01-19)
For those that have interest in this post, I want to provide input that might give a better perspective of my experience.

I was completely unaware that an out of body experience could include entering another person's living body. This reality was, to me, a complete unknown. I could not, and did not, conceive that such a thing was even remotely possible. I had read of demonic possession in the Bible and knew Hollywood had made horror films on the subject. I understood demonic possession to be reality. That one human spirit could depart their own body, and enter and occupy the body of another human being, was something that I had never considered. That notion was, simply, unthinkable. When this experience happened to me it was totally unexpected. I had involuntarily entered the world of a new reality.

The magnetic-like attraction that pulled twice to remove my spirit from my body is a complete unknown to me. Our love for each other was beyond words and mutual. Perhaps it was she who drew me into her body. It was not my intent to project myself out of body. I certainly was not trying to do so. That I experienced a spiritual trans-physical migration remains beyond words. It came as a complete surprise. When it first took place I was briefly disoriented. I was in a new body in the dark.

To inhabit another body is to undergo major change. Imagine the body builder thrust into the body of a ballerina, or vice-versa. You are still you in every sense and manner, but your new container is quite different. I had typical male upper body strength, though not a weightlifter. I was shocked at the difference in female upper body construction, and instantly understood why women the world over share the burden of carrying physical loads. My lady was very leggy, I am not. That difference was also immediately apparent.

When I returned to my body, the young lady was quick to react. With a surge of adrenaline she lifted me and tossed me to her right, as though I was a child. She was bewildered and defensive at having been so personally invaded. Because she behaved this way, I believe she did not initiate what happened. She asked "How did you do that?" I had done nothing and was as bewildered as she was. There had not been a thought in my head. I simply was filled with love. I literally was doing nothing but feeling, perhaps even radiating, love for her.

It has been more than 30 years since she and I shared this experience. Of all the experiences in my physical life, this was foremost. Only a near death experience was greater.

For me, the world stopped. Life went on for decades. I participated in it and experienced many chapters, but it was incidental and without full meaning or value. I have never been able to get completely beyond this brief, but live changing event. Two souls in one body shared what may be the ultimate intimacy. I do not expect to ever have closure or resolution.

Even greater than the intimacy, is the troubling knowledge that humanity is wrong. Humans generally know what is possible and what is not. We know what is normal, natural, and credible. To claim that one person can travel to and enter the body of another is unreasonable, irrational and unbelievable. To be thought a liar, or imbalanced and committable seems perfectly reasonable.

Mankind is wrong. Spirit/soul travel is absolutely possible. The truth and reality I had been taught was wrong. The impossible and inconceivable is, in fact, not only possible, but for me, my new truth and reality. And I cannot help but wonder, where else is mankind so mistaken and so wrong in its beliefs?

Please note and understand, I do not regard myself as special, talented or gifted because I experienced this example of out of body travel. The only thing that makes me different is that I am willing to speak about it. I think it would be wrong not to share this new reality with those that have an interest in such things.
Lee (guest)
6 years ago (2018-01-16)
I've read about this form of 'spirit' exchange but only as a hypothetical possibility. Learning about this from someone who's had a first-hand account is fascinating. I wonder if it ever happens between 2 closely connected partners with similar abilities?

You're an amazingly gifted individual. Thank you for sharing this with us.
AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-01-03)
I would say yes to it all, really. Multiple personalities can be just that. Most humans incarnate with a solid hold on their physical shell, but some do not. Just like most humans are born with a healthy body and have all their fingers and toes, and some do not. I don't know if anyone knows for sure how many souls can share a form, or if the original occupant opts for an 'out' and returns permanently to the astral, thereby leaving the squatters, so to speak, in residence. The good news is that those negative experiences are rare. I think what gave you the ability was your deep love for this woman. Being that love like that is generally only felt once in a lifetime, I doubt you're in for a repeat any time soon.

Have you read at all about remote viewing? If not, you may find it interesting. You basically did what is called "bi-location". This is where you can transfer your consciousness to any person, place or thing, and in any time. Some excellent remote viewers can even interact with their target environment.

Sure, this can be militarized, but it is again, very rare. Most humans spend their time working, pursuing money and sex, consuming at all levels and then dying. Few even get their brain waves out of so much as alpha while conscious, and the trend is getting worse. Society, especially western, is moving away from introspection. I wouldn't worry about it for sure. You're far more likely to suffer the ills of man from road rage, fraud, lying and cheating.

What's great is that you're even asking these question. I always tell people you are going to die and face the other side, whether you're educated on it or not, so why not get in the know?

I don't come here as often as I should (meaning this webpage) as I have about six, but feel free to write me at annemoss65 [at] if you have any more questions.

Anonymous (guest)
6 years ago (2017-12-31)

Thank you very much for your rapid response and the perspective you provided. That experience had troubled me for more than 30 years. I know such things are possible, having experienced it personally. That you understand what happened is a significant relief. I never thought myself mad; I certainly developed the opinion that others are unaware of what is possible.

There is a part 2 that has also been disturbing, and you have already identified it.

I realized shortly after my unusual OBE that if it happened to me, it can, and likely has, happened to others. The closed doors of my mind were pushed ajar by a new reality. What immediately came to the fore was the possibility of possession. The possibilities included human or demonic. Then the question arose, how many spirits, human or otherwise, could reside in 1 body? Also, can they be removed and how would this be accomplished? Can the original occupant permanently lose control? This all brings to mind the biblical story of the madman possessed by a legion of demons.

Shifting gears, what about modern psychiatry? Could multiple personality disorder actually be multiple personalities or energies occupying the same container? The learned doctors could conceivably be wrong, at least in some cases.

On a smaller scale, could there be a minor entity (for lack of a more specific or accurate term) attach itself to a person that negatively influences a person's behavior or personality traits?

Further, it would appear possible that very primitive people could have this knowledge and be able to use it to their own ends, especially within their own culture. Modern mankind, with their world advanced into the digital age, would generally not believe such things to be possible.

Could this ability be controlled and weaponised to attack a target? What initially comes to mind would be crimes of passion, such as jealousy or revenge. Perhaps this would be effective within the undeveloped superstitious cultures of voodoo and juju?

Not that I wrack my brain with questions unanswered. But I must say that the status quo of possibility made a significant shift in my mind.

I do not ask you to answer these questions, nor is this a rant. As I mentioned earlier in this commentary, the absolute personal knowledge of cross-body travel prompted new thoughts, some of them a bit vexing. I see potential and possibility but am unaware of a defense mechanism or a cure.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and your initial help. You are much appreciated.
AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2017-12-28)
I'm sure it was the intense bond between you that allowed that merger. We are more than our physical bodies. We are souls that inhabit a shell for a short duration while here in the physical. It is not common to temporarily inhabit another body (the world would be a mess otherwise!), but as you found out, it can happen. This was a positive merger between two lovers but many a movie has been made from the opposite-- possession. Though it's unlikely this will ever happen again to you, you were given a rare glimpse into the spiritual world. You now can't say with honesty that you don't know the spirit can detach from the body or that two souls may perceive the same physical shell at the same time. There is so much more to our plane of existence than what meets the eye. You just but scratched the surface, and leave it to love to be the bridge. Wonderful gift you've been given.
Thanks for sharing.

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