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I'm not good at this so I'm just going to get to the point. I woke up one morning not feeling very rested. So I got up had breakfast and then decided to go back to sleep. At this point is where it all starts for me. Right before I fall asleep, I hear this flat ringing tone in my ear. Then my body starts to vibrate at a high rate. Take in mind I'm still alert and I haven't fallen asleep yet. Then the ringing sound slowly fades out when a voice starts to come through. The first voice was telling me that aliens do exist and we are here. Which was a question I would always ask myself before this all started. The next voice (s) that came through sounded like NASA and the Space Station communicating about a module capsule. The conversation only lasted a few seconds when a voice from a radio station started to take its place. This is the 3rd voice and the DJ is giving the news and the next song up on his list. After that I remember falling asleep. When I awoke, I remembered everything that happen and felt well rested, almost like super charged! I immediately told my wife and family what happened and the details of it all.

I found myself thinking this could have been a dream, but the feeling was to real not be. The experience consumed my whole day with what I experienced. As days went on, I had put it all behind me not really thinking much of it. Then two nights ago it happens again only this time I remember the signs and symptoms I'm about to go through. I had been woken up by a text from my brother around 2am. After checking my text, I found myself not being able to fall back asleep for the next few hours. That's when it all starts again. The ringing in my ears and my body vibrates at a higher rate than last remembered. Suddenly, a woman starts speaking as if I tuned in the middle of her conversation with someone else. She seemed to be upset with the person she was speaking to by the tone of her voice. I thought to myself, I wonder if she can hear me? So I tried to ask her a question through conscious thought, but it was as if she couldn't her me. During this time a voice of slower speech began coming through, but I could hardly make out what was being said. Shortly after the 3rd and final voice comes through and it's another radio station DJ. Only this time he says his name and the city he's broadcasting from. His name being "Chad Clifford"out of Chicago. Again I fall asleep after the experience. When I awake, I remember everything as before. I tell my wife it happened again and this time I have a name. I thought I'll disprove all this as a dream by looking up his name on google. When I searched the name, he is the first to pop up as the DJ I was hearing. So I took it a step further and listen to one his recordings and to my amazement it's his voice. My wife and I look at each other like WTF! It's unreal to me that the DJ is not some fictitious person. With proof I'm not crazy, I keep asking myself what if I really did hear NASA and countless others speaking. With all this said, the exprince that I'm going through is incredible and beyond belief. I'm really hoping someone else out there has knowledge of what I'm going through and could help shed light on my findings. Thanks for reading!

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Nephi (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-14)
I've also heard a radio station or a crowd of people talking.
CuriousDee (1 stories) (7 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-11)
I've had the same experiences! Right before projecting, it has varied between what sounds like radio static and voices. Also hearing conversations going on; as if you are listening to a crowd of people. I'm able to "tune in" as well! Anything I've remembered seemed nonsensical though... Random bits and pieces. It feels like I'm eavesdropping, which is very interesting.

I have read that this happens because we are picking up on "astral debris". This debris can be from our own plane to several astral planes. It's a side effect of the body and soul "separating" before and after projecting, if that makes sense.

Glad I'm not the only one!
MOZR505 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-02)
Thanks Anne for reading! I read the filter factor, but it seems to be about just radio frequency. I'm hearing other people as well. However this is a great starting point for me in my experience. You've been a big help...thanx!
AnneV (80 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-08-19)
Have you read my article on radio waves?

I'd also read the Filter Factor one.
Thanks for sharing!

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